Monday, May 4, 2015

Emerson's adventures

Eight days in and thousands of pictures later :)

Baby cuddles on our mini vacation, I mean hospital stay.  But really, it sure did resemble a vacation. Just instead of bartenders bring us margaritas, nurses brought us apple juice.  Instead of an oversized room service menu with deliciously fancy eats. our room service menu featured chicken fingers and Lays potato chips.  There was rest, relaxation, and a TV.  I'll take it.

All three of our girls have worn this newborn sleeper.  Ahhhh sweet memories.

Emerson's sleep habits resemble Teagan's in that she is rarely awake! If we get a few ten minutes stretches of awake time each day that's a lot.  Gotta get those eyes on camera when I can.

I have taken more selfies in eight days than I have in my entire life.

Home sweet home! While we enjoyed the one on one time with Emerson in the hospital, being able to get home to our girls and start this roller coaster ride as a family of five was unbelievably thrilling.

Parker's iPhone camera skills are artistic as can be.

Excuse me while my heart explodes.

Like I said, selfie city.  I'm like a 14 year old girl.  Except I'm not sporting duck face.

Our first morning at home.  I get the feeling that Teagan is loving being a big sis. Parker too.

First family dinner.  Welcome to your world, Emerson.  Filled with goofy sisters.

Parker always makes sure Emerson has toys to play with.  She even picked out this pink elephant especially for Emerson while out with my parents.

Never in my life have I seen a grin like that on Parker.  She is beyond stoked to be in the trunk (aka third row).  I'm beyond stoked to have a car full of kiddos.

Emerson's first pedi appointment.  Parker stayed by her side the entire time to keep a close eye on her new sis.

May has blessed Michigan with the most incredible weather.  The whole fam was already out and about for E's pedi appointment so we figured the timing was perfect for our first family park outing.  Hours were spent enjoying the playground, picking flowers (which Parker has been dying to do all winter long), and pushing sweet, sleeping Emerson all around.

We have three girls.  Three! Oh my do I love it so much.

I'm telling you, this May weather really is not disappointing us.  On Sunday Kris fired up the grill and we dined al fresco.

All of us of course :)

Later that afternoon temps reached the 80s, Emerson got to sport a stylish tank top/short set (3 month size and absolutely swimming it in) while watching Parker dominate her soccer game by scoring two goals.  During each water break Parker made sure to run over to Emerson to give her a kiss.  Parker also made sure to let us know that if Emerson woke up, she wanted her out of the stroller so that she could watch her play.  Darling.

Someone needs a selfie stick.

This right here is my favorite part of the newborn stage.  Little itty bitty baby cuddles.  Doing absolutely nothing other than soaking in that newborn smell.

Who knows ;)

I would have that same expression on my face too, Emerson.

You know what's hard about having three little ones four and under? The mischievous two year old that needs a Nutella intervention. Cannot turn your back for one minute.

Second pedi appointment for a weight check.  Born at 7lbs 2 oz, down to 6lbs 15oz on day five, and back up to 7lbs 3oz on day eight.  Packing on those pounds.

Girl talk.  Lots of discussions about how cute Emerson is, how much she loves Emerson, and a recap on the Sofia the First episode from this morning.

More pictures to come from the girls first meet and greet at the hospital and how we're holding up.  Night!

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