Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Emerson Lily, day two

Drum roll please for the big day.  Well, big day number two.  The day the girlies would meet their little sister.  I anticipated this moment for many months.  As excited as I was to hold, love, and snuggle baby Emerson, I was also over the moon to share in this joy with Parker and Teagan. 

Kris so comfy in this rocking chair.  At least for about five minutes.  Any longer than that and your butt numbs up thanks to the firmness of this thing.  

First of many pink outfits :) And yes, it's true.  Emerson  is the best little sister. 

I seeeeeee you

Please please please my little one.  Stay this itty bitty forever.

The excitement is present don't you think?!

Here we go!

My oh my, so much love.  I simply adore all the facial expressions captured below,  Nothing but true amazement and love plastered all over their sweet faces. 

Finally, my three ladies all together :) And now, S sister overload.

Getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time with faces full of smiles is no easy task.  But when you have dear Emerson  in the room we can't help but to grin ear to ear.

Parker and her sweet heart brought this baby doll to the hospital for Emerson :) She thought the doll would be the same size as Emerson and she was right. 

Most diaper changes at home go just like this.  Parker  loves standing by my side and holding Emerson's hand to comfort her.  Teagan enjoys getting the wipes and diaper ready. Very helpful for this mama. 

Surprise, twins! Oh wait...

Ermerson is a sleepy little thing, just like Teagan was as a newborn.  Awake maybe 30 minutes max a day, she leaves lots of room for snuggles.  Hence how I'm finding time to blog :) The only time she cries is when she needs changed, burped or is hungry.  No fussiness, no wakey periods in the middle of the night, nothing but easy.  Could not ask for a sweeter baby.

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