Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventures with three girls

Happy Memorial Day! We kicked the day off with the Rochester parade.  All parties were out the door on time, we scored a great parking spot and found an even better spot to sit, spread out, and wait for the show. Emerson started the show off with a bang in the form of an epic poop-splosion.  Back up clothes to the rescue.  By the time E was all cleaned up and stylish once again the big girls were up to their eyeballs in candy, flags, and even a Frisbee.  Score!

The rest of the day was spent around the house enjoying the weather.  The grill was fired up, we walked toting the big ones in the wagon and the little one in the Moby, a little landscaping was completed, and we just really enjoyed the entire day.

Pre-parade with my ladies. Parker's outfit of choice for the day: her spring 2014 recital costume :) I promise Teagan is not flashing toddler gang signals, though her gloves tell a different story. 

In other news, miss Emerson will be exactly one month old tomorrow.  One month! We've had a lot of fun as a family as five and have learned a lot along the way.  One big learning experience comes from getting out of the house. The sheer act of physically getting from point A to point B with three children age four and under is an...adventure.  I learn something new with each trip out of the comforts of our home.

On this particular day I was determined to pick out some new clothes.  After months of maternity slob apparel I was back in action.  With only six pounds left to lose I'm able to find styles that fit and that fit well.  I feel my best when I look my best so I that motivated me to not give up when the only parking spot I could find was literally the farthest one back in the lot.

Let's see here.  Only one stroller that fits E's car seat.  Yet I have three children, one of whom is a runner (not naming names, but she's not the oldest.  And the youngest can't yet walk).  So with Parker helping push the stroller and me gripping on to Teagan with all my might we made the seemingly five mile trek into the O.N. successfully. I walked smugly over to the shopping carts and then the smugness was gone.

Both girls wanted to push their baby dolls in separate shopping carts.  With Parker this is not problem.  Girl can navigate the narrowest of shopping aisles with ease.  Teagan is in the midst of her tornado phase and would take down the entire store if I gave her free reign.  So I did what any parent determined to make some solid post partum clothing choices would do.  I put my eldest in charge of literally carting her younger sib around while I loaded up the cart.

About to get the boot to make room for miss t

If they are smiling, it's working
The next hurdle was the dressing room.  A cute, trendy girl in her early 20s was on dressing room shift and I'm pretty sure she will hold off on having children for a while.  Between the sisterly arguing and the baby cries and my desperate pleas to pleeeease, pretty please find me this skirt I'm obsessed with in a different size, like really soon if you could because I have ticking time bombs on my hand and I'm half naked in here, that's probably all the dose of little ones she needs for a long time.

I finally smarted up and busted out a Sofia episode, Emerson calmed down, and I left the dressing room with lots of fun new outfits.  Win all around!

Once we arrived back at home it was time for a little food activity.  Making Jello jigglers! I pushed aside the amount of Red 40 about to be consumed, topped those bad boys off with some whipped cream, and we all indulged.  Except Teagan who was not a fan of the "sour," aka cream.

Another family fun activity that we have absolutely perfected is selfie taking.  Why not?

Tomorrow will be another learning experience as well.  Skipping naps for the big girls in order to get E to her one month well visit with our favorite pedi. Three kids, two adults, small rooms, inevitably long waits.  Fingers crossed all five of us make it out in one piece tomorrow so we can come home and chill :)

(we totally could have handled twins ;)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

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