Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nursery Reveal

One month in with Emerson.  Probably about time to showcase the nursery!

Closing day on our house was first thing in the morning.  Keys were handed over at possession and I wasted no time getting into our new digs, popping open the paint cans, and getting to work.  First up was  P & T's room and second on the list was the nursery.  Not yet pregnant but knowing it was on the radar (as in the next month),  I choose a mix of yellow (safe color for boy or girl) and pink.  Just like Teagan's nursery at the old house. I figured if we had a boy I'd only have to repaint half the room.  Turns out I was able to leave it in tact :)

I used the same artwork from the old house as well as the decals.  Target supplied the nine cube organizer (which we have three of.  Perfect storage solution for wee ones) and bins.

One month, one day old Emerson enjoying her room.  Nice and neat.  Easy when I keep minimal toys in the space!

Per Parker's request, a snap with her and not so thrilled Emerson.

Same crib, same rocker, new fun bright sheet.  The E and frame above the crib was a Michael's purchase.  I painted it white, hung it up and viola. The quilt on the rocker was hang crafted by my Grandma Eva and look, our new doors are also in view! I do not miss the plain Jane flat white doors and gold doorknobs that we trashed.

This shelf was also from Teagan's nursery.  Very easy to make. Cut some wood, buy some brackets, paint white.  The pictures I downloaded from Pinterest and the yellow pom poms are from Parker's first birthday party.

There you have it.  Another nursery fit for a princess :)

Now let's go to today.  What a mix of weather we had! An afternoon rain storm kept us indoors but when it quickly passed and Emerson was sleeping soundly, it was the perfect time to hop in rain boots and puddle jump.

I bought this maxi dress for Parker and obsessed doesn't even describe how she feels about it. I was on the fence about maxi dresses for preschoolers (all I saw was a huge trip hazard) but this girly girl rocked it.

I did not get a maxi dress for Teagan because I guarantee you this sassy pants would trip, fall, you name it.  My oh my does this girl keep us on our toes. 

Parker really does capture iPhone pics in such an artistic way!


I do not like bugs.  I do not like dirt.  I do not like worms.  However, my daughters (who typically side with me on the anti bug front) were fascinated by this nasty thing and requested a picture. 

Tomorrow the girls have their last day of preschool before we break for summer.  Since Emerson's arrival they've been attending half a day, twice a week.  But with me on mat leave, it being summer, and our pool, I feel like it's a great time to take a break.  The pool patio should finally be installed on Friday (it's taking absolutely forever) so hopefully it will be done for our first full week of home full time! If not I'll need a plan B :) 

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  1. Emerson's nursery certainly must have the same flair his older sisters' have; seeing as how coincidentally similar their nurseries ended up to be. I also think that pink and yellow were the safest colors to paint the nursery in. By the way, Parker and Teagan have to be the most adorable girls ever! I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, Stacie! All the best! ;)

    Lynn Williamson @ DAL Builders