Monday, December 3, 2012

Teagan Noelle is 2 months!

We are back from a fab wedding weekend.  My sister looked absolutely gorg, the food was great, dancing with babes in my arms made me all happy inside, and I got to see loads of my family.  Recap later...but for now, 2 month update.

Happy 2 months, pretty girl!

Teagan is still sticking with being a super go with the flow, easy little one.  Cries only when she needs something (to eat, to sleep, to be changed) and is content the rest of the time.   She's got a mean right hook while laying on her activity mat, focuses on objects and tries to grab/hit them, and is quite the conversationalist. Baby girl likes nothing more than for you to look and talk with with her.  She'll respond with the biggest smiles a baby can give and lots of coos.  Speaking of smiles, it's all this baby does.  Seriously, she is the happiest thing I've ever met.


Her neck strength is getting better and while she likes to push herself off our chests and look around, she's not a fan of raising her neck too high during tummy time.  In her first two weeks of life she rolled from belly to back and back to belly (crazy, right??) but has yet to do it this month.  Teagan does love scooting around on her back though.  Girlfriend can move! All those rib jabs I felt in the womb made for some strong thighs.  She loves to push off of her legs when being stood up.

Sleep is still awesome. I'm afraid to even talk about it in fears of jinxing it.  Teagan goes down around 11pm, wakes at 3am and 7am to eat, and depending on the level of noise in our house might sleep to 930am.  Usually she's awake around 830am.  And while we're now in her third month I can't help to express my love of last night.  Girl slept from 10pm to 630am--straight! GAH! Um, I can count on two hands the number of times Parker has slept this long without waking.  Aaaaand, she's two ;)


We do a mix of bedsharing and sleeping in the rock n play at night.  I'm terrified to switch up our nighttime routine (read: use the crib) since everything is going so well right now so we'll stick with what works.  For naps we alternate between the RNP, Moby, and BBC--Baby Boot Camp--which entails laying Teagan on her back and trying to get her to fall asleep on her own sans tears.  We're making progress.  Right now she's laying on her back and it took her all of one minute and a few sucks on the paci to knock herself out.

Sometimes I try to rock or sway Teagan to sleep and she lets me know that she is not a fan. Screaming, fierce wiggling, scratching.  I lay her down in the RNP and two minutes later she's in lala land.  I almost cried out of sadness the first time she did this.  Going from Parker who always want to be in our arms and screamed when we laid her down, I'm not used to a baby who sometimes likes to fall asleep on her own.


Teagan's not a huge fan of the paci and this annoys me.  She likes sucking on it but spits it out unless you hold it in her mouth.  I'm guessing it's frowned upon to duct tape it to her mouth, but the thought crosses my mind... Especially as I spend most of my time driving with one arms on the wheel and the other holding the paci in her mouth while she's in the car seat.

23 1/4 inches, 12.7lbs, she's growing almost in the exact same pattern as Parker at this age.  Love ya, babycakes!

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  1. She's so beautiful! I love how much Parker seems to be enjoying being a big sister! The one of her hugging Teagan is adorable! I love looking at all the pictures.