Monday, December 31, 2012

Teagan is 3 months!

Happy 3 Months, miss Teagan!

At her 3 month well appointment last Friday she weighed 13lbs 8oz and was up to 24 3/4 inches long, 75th percentile for both.

So over this photoshoot.
Teagan had quite the third month. We took our first long trip with her to watch Lindsey walk down the aisle and came back with the flu--confirmed by the doctor. I still shudder to think that Teagan had the flu at 10 weeks old. All the horrible things that could have happened to her while having the flu at such a young age run through my mind. Feeling very lucky that she came out of that sickness unscathed.

Teagan experienced her first Christmas card photoshoot.  I got some cute shots of the girls even though both of them were at the tail end of the flu. This "I'm not impressed" look did not make the cut.

Nor did this left hook that's coming right to my camera lens.

I knew we were too lucky in the sleep department.  Up until the big flu Teagan was a dream sleeper.  Easy to lay down no matter what.  She even slept from 1130pm until 600am straight at the beginning of the month.
Then the flu hit.  Poor pumpkin was so pathetic that I just had to bring her to bed with her. Plus Kris was in France, making it tricky to get both Parker and Teagan down for the night at once since Parker is still in our bed the bulk of the night. So we made the switch from part time bedsharing to full time, something I was planning to do once I went back to work anyways.  But now it's hard getting her back down to sleeping on her own.  Ugh.

Typically we can't get more than 30 minutes of her down by herself. I've tried swaddling, laying her down before she's tired, laying her down when she's tired, laying her on her back, side, and belly, putting her in the crib, swing, co-sleeper, rock n play, bouncer, using white noise machines, the pacifier, no pacifier, rocking her while she's laying down, nursing her down...NOTHING works. If anyone can tell me what I'm missing here I'm all ears.
Teagan loves play time with her sis, having books read to her, and mirrors.  When she sees her reflection in the mirror she just smiles and smiles.


Matching outfits AND holding hands? Cuteness overload.

Sweet dreams.

Parker is still obsessed with Teagan.

Teagan likes the car seat as long as the car is moving.  I thoroughly enjoy highways.

Teagan was cold according to Parker.

Tummy time is going well as is Teagan's neck control.  Love that point when the bobblehead is a thing of the past.

Cloth diapering is still going on but we've had to use a slight mix of disposables as well.  Teagan has crazy sensitive skin and sometimes the cloth, while smooth, still rubs her the wrong way and leaves a slight rash. And that time when I though that the Shout I used on her clothes caused a rash? Nope. It was our eco-friendly laundry detergent that's scented with magnolia and lily.  We made the switch to Rockin Green, which is what we use on the cloth diaps, and that solved that problem.

Baby girl loves when we hold her and talk to her.  We coo, she coos back at us.  We smile, she smiles. 

She's also very aware of her surrounding. If we leave the room she notices, if we put a toy in front of her she checks it out and tries to grab it. Cool stuff.

I can't move my arms!

Teagan experienced her first snowfall.  We bundled her up and stayed out for like 2 minutes before the wind whipping our faces was too much.  Still super fun to introduce her to winter.

Every single day I wake up and realize how blessed I am. As 2012 comes to a close I'm really reflecting and feeling even more blessed.  We started this year not yet pregnant and ended the year with the happiest baby you'll ever meet. Watching Parker become a big sister, seeing the dreams of how I want my family to look unfold in front of my could I not feel like I have the whole world in my hands?

Looking forward to all the fun that the next month will bring! Love you to the moon and back, babycakes!

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