Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Recap

Jam packed sums up this months. Works for me since I love staying busy.

We saw the lighting of the Village of Rochester Hills (our outdoor mall), visited Santa at Somerset, tried out Detroit Kid City and the Hands on Museum, had dates with Parker, celebrated Christmas with family, experienced our first snowfall of the season, Parker wrapped up her first session of gymnastics, and we rang in the new year.

The biggest news this month is that Parker is finally potty trained (knock on wood). The day after Christmas we gave it a whirl.  M&M's and Skittles are like potty training crack. She pees, she gets to pick one out to eat.  One. I eat like ten in one bite and still need more but apparently one suffices for Parker. Two accidents the first day and only a couple more since then so we're doing awesome.

Parker is getting along SO well with Teagan. She's borderline obsessed with her.  Constantly Parker plays with her, gives her hugs and kisses. and makes sure the paci is in her mouth if she starts to cry.  Every time Parker wakes from her nap she asks where Teagan is.  I couldn't be happier with the transition she's made to big sister.

Also in the life of Parker...she understands opposites (big/small, up/down, etc), sings non-stop, knows her colors (depending on the day lol), likes dipping food in milk (no boundaries with what type of food), and is really into pretending.  While driving through the Village to see the Christmas lights Parker exclaimed over and over, "look! I made those lights!" I figured we had a few more years until she started sneaking out in the middle of the night to do things like decorate the town.

Asking "what's that" is a thing of the past.  Now she's onto "what do you mean."
P: What's for dinner?
Me: Chicken
P: What do you mean, chicken?? 
As I've mentioned thousands of times we partied at Lindsey's wedding. Don't let our smiles deceive you. We were freezing. 

Posing: Jes' sisters, me, Lindz, our cousins

Parker had her first flower girl appearance. Mere minutes before it was time to walk down the aisle Parker decided to have some "fun" with her flowers. Boinked it down once and a couple flowers fell off.  Boinked it down again and more fell off.  Violent boinkboinkboinkboink and every single flower fell to the ground.
Frantic flower sticking and we made it work again.
Look at these lovelies! Jes' nieces on the ends, Parker and her cousin Maura.  Parker is in love with Maura and I'm quite sure the feeling is mutual.

Still shocked that I thew together a Christmas card while dead sick.  I didn't make it into the card since I didn't want to scare anyone with my pale skin and sunken eyes.  Kris was in France. Sydney was supposed to be pulling the wagon like Santa's sleigh but she wouldn't cooperate. So my girly pearls it was.
We made lots of cookies.

It's against the law to not taste test them.

Ergo lovin. And reindeer ear loving.  Purchased for Sydney for our xmas card photo shoot but it was Parker who would not take those things off.

Parker is still a huge daddy's girl.

We're really into YouTube videos.  Santa singing Jingle Bells, animals singing Jingle Bells...basically anything that sings jingle bells is golden in Parker's book.

We FINALLY had our first snowfall. I finally got in a winter workout from pulling Parker in her sled.

Parker's Christmas gifts that she made for us at school :)

And the bag that Parker decorated.

Our new ride! BOB Duallie--can't wait to hit the pavement with this bad boy.

Until then, we'll hit the wood floors.

And a major phone dump:

Mall date.

Nomming on some Subway.

My sick babies.
Mommy-Parker date.  Kris and I make sure to get one on one time with Parker every couple of weeks. This outing was to Mejier to check out the fish. 

We also swung through the Christmas department.

Lowes offers lots of fun too.

Detroit Kid City where Kris and Parker made ice cream cones and pizza.

Hands on Museum

HOM block room.

Seriously would not take those ears off.

In an attempt to get Parker to fall asleep on her own we've started "quiet time" where she is to put herself to sleep. In true Parker fashion she refuses until she can't take it anymore.  Passed on the bean bag doesn't compare to when she fell asleep standing up with her feet on the floor and her head on the end of the bed.

We don't do quiet time anymore. 

Another date at BRU.  Lalaloopsy or whatever it's called toured the store with us in this borrowed stroller. 
Happy 2013 all!

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