Thursday, January 24, 2013

Come on, weekend!

We're approaching the weekend, folks.  During maternity leave my days were all jumbled together.  Monday? Friday? Wednesday? Don't know, don't care.  But now I have my sacred weekends back.  Time to refuel after a busy week and have loads of fun with the babes.  On the agenda this weekend is:

1: Valentine's Day prep. Starting with the oh so popular melted crayon craft and ending with a little v-day photo shoot.  Will my subjects cooperate? You never can tell.

Get this toddler off me.

Personal space. Ever hear of it? Anyone??

But I love you so much!


2. Taking advantage of our Amazon Prime membership and watching a free movie.  It never occurred to us to check out their movie selection until the Kindle came into our lives.  One click and a USB cord to the TV and we'll be well on our way to soaking up some Angelina Ballerina or things of the like.

3.  Movies aren't complete without a little tasty indulgence.  Bananas make me want to vom but the mister and miss P might appreciate some Nutella Banana "ice cream."

4.  Weather permitting, we may stroll on over to our downtown for the Fire and Ice festival.  Who can pass up fireworks in the middle of winter? Add in ice skating, ice sculptures, crafts, and hot chocolate to the mix and you have an awesome night.

Fun little weekend planned if I do say so myself :)

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