Sunday, December 23, 2012

Surprise packages

I'm a big online shopper. Huge. Hauling babies around the mall isn't the funnest thing I've done in my life, though cuddling up with my laptop and a cup of coffee while Googling for coupon codes is right up my ally. Typically I know exactly what is ending up on my doorstep and when since I stalk my packages so imagine my shock when I opened up two surprise boxes. Thanks a million Aunt Paula Jo for the adorable tutus! I seriously screamed with joy when I saw what was inside. Parker is obsessed with her "princess dress" and has wore it practically every day since it arrived.

"My flower! My pretty flower!"

I die from the cuteness.

I say, "shake it, baby!" and get this.

Capturing little pieces of my 3 month old.

Hi, baby bright eyes.

The bows, the tutus, the general adorableness.  Cannot.get.enough. I may keep the girls in these outfits until they grow out of them.  And then I might buy more.

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