Saturday, December 15, 2012

New week, much needed

I'm not one to wish away time but boy, am I glad this week is behind me. Flu like symptoms hung out with me and Kris for nine days. Parker was "lucky" and was only sick for six days. Wednesday morning I wake to an irritable Teagan and a 102.8 degree fever. I immediately consult Dr. Google and am told that a fever above 100.4 in an infant is cause for concern. Cue crying and a panicked call to our pedi. After being checked out we were sent to the hospital for tests. By our holistic pedi. Who doesn't jump to unnecessary testing/drugs. Cue another freak out and more tears as I had to watch my baby be poked and prodded.

No sleeping for me Wednesday night as I was on Teagan watch monitoring her fever. I was told that if her fever reached above 101 I had to have her admitted to the hospital. 300am...101.5 under one arm. Shit. 99.5 under the other. Well double shit, what to do now? I trusted my judgement and stayed home, nursing Teagan constantly to keep her hydrated since that's what the hospital would have done, pumped her with fluids. Thankfully with the help of Tylenol her fever stayed around 100 and was completely gone by Friday afternoon.

All of this happened when Kris was in France. Of course. Within minutes of his arrival today I was doing this:

Glass o wine, warm bath, peace and quiet. Well deserved if I do say so myself.

Now we're back at it, tackling a million Christmas cookie recipes with the help of both babes.  

All the weight I lost with the flu might be creeping back in no time.

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