Saturday, May 5, 2012

Couting Sheep

As I eluded too, something wild and crazy has been going on in the S house.

The crib is being used. That's right. My buyer's remorse over the expensive Naturepedic Organic Mattress that has been used a handful of times is getting better.

I knew it was time to end bed sharing when I got frustrated with Parker. I went to bed one night, absolutely exhausted and looking forward to lala land but little did I know that lala land was endless hours away. Parker wiggled, squirmed, kicked, knocked her head on the headboard, gently scratched my arms (this drives me insane. Love the kid, don't love the comfort scratching), played with her paci, talked about Siznee (Sydney), giggled, pulled off her socks, and generally acted insane. For hours. The exhaustion practically put me in tears. So at 2am I decided that we were going to switch to the crib. Pronto.

The next night I laid Parker in her crib and set up camp in the bed in her room. Since the little miss is slow to warm up to change I wanted her to know that when she woke up in a new place I was right there. I was sure this was going to be a battle but nope, Parker slept sans tears. Some nights are better than others. Like two nights ago she woke at midnight and I brought her in bed with me. Last night she woke up at midnight but I was able to lay her back in the crib. She slept until 6am. And I, for the first time in TWO YEARS (!!!!) slept longer than three hours straight. That coupled with coffee, which I usually save for the weekends but I'm a pregnancy rebel this go around, and the sunny day has me in the most chipper of chipper moods.

Next step in a couple weeks is a big girl bed. Parker is thisclose to climbing out of her crib, plus we'll be using her crib for nameless baby girl #2 so I'd like to make the switch soon. This is going to involve taking all toys out of the room and nailing the bookshelf to the wall so it will be quite the process at first. But we're getting there.

We're also getting to the point of having family photos of all of us looking upbeat and enthusiastic. Oh wait...

Why do you wackos have me in the garden? Why is the garden full of weeds? Why do I have a feeling that you're going to give me my pink princess shovel and pretend that shoveling weeds is the coolest thing since sliced bread?

Throwing the ball at the camera may end this photo session.

Well that didn't work.

One day I will have a photo shoot that doesn't involve tears and bribing. And that day better be in September because I have major photo plans for Parker and "baby sista."

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