Wednesday, May 23, 2012

22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

Total weight gain: Still at 124lbs, up 12 pounds. I've gained the same amount as I did with Parker so far but it's different. My slow and steady 1/2lb week gain with Parker is nowhere to be seen this pregnancy. I'll gain a bunch one week and either lose weight or gain nothing the next.

Maternity Clothes: I was planning on buying a maternity bathing suit but nope, I rocked my two piece at the beach last week. On both Saturday and Sunday. I still think that a pregnancy belly is much easier on the eyes than many other beachgoers in bikinis. Just sayin.

Best moment this week: spending all weekend at the lake. Parker loved splashing around in the water but wouldn't let her feet touch the sand. Crocs are a lifesaver.

Movement: I'm feeling constant movement now. I remember how weird it felt after I birthed Parker, to not feel her inside of me anymore. I'm going to enjoy every single kick and turn and jab before baby girl is out and about.

Food Cravings: not much at all this week. I had a craving for Cheetos but it wasn't enough to make me drive to the store to pick some up.

Sleep: I'm still exhausted but I get a burst of energy at the end of the night and it makes me need to do things. Bonus points if Gypsy Weddings is on so I can watch while doing these random things. TLC always sucks me in with their bizarre reality shows.

Milestones: baby's taste buds have developed and she can taste my amniotic fluid. She now has the sense of touch and is trying it out by feeling her face and the umbilical cord. A lot of growth is going on--she's about 11 inches long and weighs 1lb.

Girl or boy: Girl!

Random: Running is getting to be a bit tough. My belly is heavy so I think that I need some sort of belly support band. I want to keep running as long as possible so I'm not about to stop now. I just have to make sure that I get out first thing in the morning on the weekends because those crazy hot days are coming.

I feel so behind on this pregnancy, planning wise. I've bought some clothes, have all the bedding picked out on Etsy, and have a design scheme in mind, but that's it. We still don't have a name, though we're getting very close to deciding, and the nursery looks like a bomb went off in it.

We took Parker's crib down last week so it's in pieces in the nursery. There's a full bed in there, which may or may not stay. Since Parker didn't sleep in her room until recently and I'm planning on bedsharing with baby girl it probably makes sense to keep the bed in there for guests. A desk is also taking up space but Craigslist will solve that problem for us. Oh yeah, and my closet is now in that room. Kris and I have separate walk in closets in our master and mine is off the bathroom. Since the bath is being demoed and remodeled I can't get to my closet so I moved everything upstairs. I can't wait for the new spa-like bath because (1) I can take relaxing bubble baths and (2) I can get back into my closet!

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