Friday, May 4, 2012

This is just plain wrong

Kris and I played hooky on Monday. After the anatomy scan we dined on sushi and it was confirmed that I do have a crush on spicy California rolls. We picked up some drinks from Caribou along with some Coconut M&Ms from RiteAid. It's illegal for everyone not to try these since they are absolutely freaking delicious. It's like a little taste of Eskimo kisses ice cream. Sort of. Then we caught The Five Year Engagement, matinee style. All in all it was a good movie. Very funny, though sadly depressing at parts, but ended on a high note.

The bad part is when I decided to get an Icee. I love Icee's. You could say that I'm addicted. My head practically explodes when Icee's don't go my way. Like when I tried to get one at Target but the checkouts were down so I was screwed. Or when I went to 7-11 to try the Powerade Slurpee and they were out of it. Or when I tried to get a cherry and blue raspberry one the other night and I saw that god awful red light blinking indiciating that there was no red to go with my blue. And like any addict, I have to hide my obsession. I can't let Parker see it or she begs for "more wawa (water)" so I have to drink it at the perfect hidden angel in the car or hide it in a different cup and take swigs when her head is turned. It's pathetic how far I go.

I knew that the movies would never be out of Icee's though. But as I looked at the menu I saw the most horrible thing--the calorie count. It's listed right next to all the individual food and drinks so there's no avoiding it. Medium Icee--355 calories. Large Icee--475 calories.

I used to be a big calorie counter until I got pregnant with Parker. Then calories were just a mere thought in the back of my mind. That thought really got pushed to the back of my brain once Parker was here and I started nursing. I was able to eat ridiculous amounts of food, more than I ever did while pregnant, and still lose a ton of weight. Don't hate me for that though ;)

For obvious reasons I'm not counting calories now, but come on, people. I can't enjoy my Icee knowing the absurd number of calories in it. Just let me drink it in peace. If I was that concerned about low cal options I would have picked water. Which I sadly did. I just couldn't fathom drinking one after my monster sushi feast.

I'm not giving them up for good though because I'm sure the ones at Target are calorie free. Yep, let's go with that.

I'll leave you with more examples of the mischief that miss Parker gets into. I swear that I keep an eye on this kid but sometimes a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do. Like pulling things out from where food goes to die (bottom of the pantry)

And washing off my credit cards. Obviously they were quite dirty.

Stella must have been dirty too.

And Parker as well?

Side note: what can I use to wash dishes with besides these Scotch sponges? I feel like they are germy. Even though they get thrown in the dishwasher each night I don't know if that's enough. I don't use them all that often since I'm in love with my dishwasher but do need something to clean pots, pans, and knives.

Did you say germs, nommy? Uh oh.

Happy sunny weekend!


  1. I love that Parker already has a thing for Coach handbags. Kris should prepare himself now. 3 women in the house means LOTS of money on accessories! :)

  2. That girl loves designer bags. She always carries my purse around like it's her own. I think that I might have to check out the Coach wrislets or small bags soon so that she has one of her own.

    Girls definitely equal a ton of money. But you don't even know how excited I am to have mommy-daughter shopping sprees!

  3. I'm sure you could find her a cheap little wristlet at an outlet! She would love it. My friend's daughter used to carry around Sephora and VS bags like they were purses. So funny!

    Your mommy-daughter shopping sprees will be so much fun!!

  4. Microwave the sponges, kills all the germs, google it!