Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinterest Project

Pinterest makes me anxious so I make myself limit my use of it. I'm a list person and I get great satisfaction from accomplishing something and crossing it off my list. To me, Pinterest is like a list. I check my boards and when I see 112 projects and 93 recipes that I've pinned it's omgihavetodoalloftheserightnow. And then I get overwhelmed.

But when I actually check something off my Pin-list I feel awesome. Much like when I finished this nifty growth chart.

The supplies: 1 x 8 x 6 board, paint pen, stain, and measuring things. I had Kris stain it before I got my hands on it. I wanted a very light stain to mimick a real ruler and the Natural color we picked got the job done.

I used this as my ruler to make all my lines. It worked like a charm.

The final product.

I am in love. All I need is something to hang it up with, which I'll pick up this week, and it will be proudly displayed in Parker's playroom. I have all her measurements from months past so I'm going to start around 12 months and go from there. At her well appointment on Friday she measured a full 34inches--95th percentile! I gotta get this thing hung before she outgrows it.

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