Thursday, May 3, 2012

19 Weeks

No picture this week since I forgot, but next week I'm going to snap a shot right before I go to bed. My bump grows crazy big throughout the day and by night I'm slathering up with pregnancy body butter to stop the inevitable explosion of my stomach.

How far along: 19 weeks

Total weight gain: 122lbs, up 10 pounds. Dear God. My midwife's scale says I'm up 7lbs. Why don't we just go with that. Or maybe I'll just stop weighing myself and live in ignorant bliss.

Maternity Clothes: I bought a few cute, non-maternity, bump hugging tops in large this weekend. Parker went shopping with me and crawled out under the dressing room door while I was topless. Good times.

Best moment this week: Finding out that it's a girl!

Movement: a little bit of moving and shaking going on and a little bit of Braxton Hicks.

Food Cravings: fruits. I've been loading up on strawberries, grapes, blueberries and kiwis. I'm dying for some Pinkberry but the closest one is in Ann Arbor. Buuutt, on the next rainy day we can hit up the Hands on Museum and we will be right there. Come on rainy day!

Sleep: I was like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before the anatomy scan. I was so excited that I was up until 1130pm and was dead come 4pm the next day. I better stick to my no later than 1030pm bedtime.

Milestones: baby girl is packing on more poundage this week. Kidney's are formed and baby is about 6 inches long.

Girl or boy: Girl girl girl!

Random: I can't see my toes. I make weird grunts and huffing and puffing noises when I bend down, roll off the bed, and speed walk. I'm measuring a bit ahead so maybe this baby actually will make her appearance in September. Thanks to everyone who emailed, FB'd, and texted names I now have a list 18 names long. I can already tell that I'm going to be enemies with this summer. I'm the classic pregnant lady who gets overheated when outside for more than 2.5 minutes.

On a different note, here is why you don't leave the fridge open.

Or the pantry.


  1. Parker is going to teach baby girl so many fun things! My brother used to convince my sister to get in the dryer because it was fun. Prepare yourself!

  2. I can only imagine what will be going on in my house. When I was little I was putting makeup on my sister and couldn't find eyeshadow so I put nail polish--freaking nail polish!!--on her eyes.

    I seriously just had to Google "powder for eyelids" because I couldn't remember what eyeshadow was called. This baby is sucking my brains out.