Friday, April 20, 2012

18 Month Recap

I almost cried when Parker turned 18 months. Now when people ask how old she is I can say 1 1/2. Heartbreaking!

Parker loves caring for her baby dolls. She puts them in their baby crib, feeds them bottles and food, strolls them around (while making sure to tell them "sit...sit!"), puts soap on a washcloth and bathes them during bath time, and gives them kisses complete with the "muah" sound.

She's putting two words together like it's her job and associating things with who they belong to. Last night we drove off with my cell phone on the hood of my car (pregnancy brain much?)and our neighbors from across the street found it two blocks away. When they brought it back and handed it to Kris, Parker grabbed it from his hand and shouted "nommy's shone!" Yes dear, your "nommy" almost demolished her cell phone. Much like the time I dropped my cell phone in a full cup of beer. But that story is for another day.

Parker loves getting "daddy's shoes" and "nommy's shoes" and helping us put them on. She knows where her chin and knees are and dips her food, like zuchinni fries dipped into spaghetti sauce. She's graduated from her high chair and now rocks the booster seat like a big girl. Let me tell you, the booster seat makes meals much more enjoyable in our house. No more acting like the highchair is an electric chair.

Animal sounds Parker makes now include pig, cat, monkey, bee, and a wicked lion growl with a clawing paw gesture and all. She's trying her hardest to jump and it's like the cutest thing in the world. She likes to wipe things up that spill or get dirty with towels. And while she's done this for a while, I keep forgetting to mention that she loves sorting things. She will get all of her tea set pieces and put them together. Same thing extra food in our downstairs pantry...all the soups get placed together, all the BBQ sauces, etc. New words are:

-sill-a = silly. When we do something funny she lets us know..."nommy silla"
-nommy = mommy. Tear. Up until this month I was known only as mama.
-hop = Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies. I ask Parker if she wants her bunnies and she say "hop." I take that as a clear sign that she won't spill the bunnies on the floor for Syd to devour. They are in this snack eating business together.
-halp = help
-keet = treat, for dog treats. I have no clue where she picked this up from. The other day she was freaking out in the laundry room and kept saying keet over and over and over. Come to find out that meant dog treats--we keep them in the laundry room. She knows things...Once again, her and Syd have some sort of agreement going on
-bubbos = bubbles. Loads of fun when litte miss stubborn pants wants to do it all herself. Bubble spillage all around.
-strawbur = strawberries. Parker ate an entire pound last month. At once.
-strozer = stroller
-sat = sit
-hoffie = coffee. Parker helps Kris make it every day.
-hum on = come on. She says it to Syd, her daycare friends, me and Kris...

We've known this from the get go, but little Parker definitely has a mind of her own and once she gets an idea in her mind, you better let her have at it. I'm a huge believer in you have to pick you battles, and when her stubborn side kicks in (which is always, but sometimes it goes into overdrive) you gotta let her have at it. If it happens at the zoo and she wants to push her huge wagon all by herself, so be it. Or if she wants to put on her own shoes even though it's taking a million years, so be it. If no ones being harmed then I'm not about to create a tantrum.

The biggest news of all is that our crib has been put to good use the past couple of days--and during the night at that! More to come. Until then, happy weekend y'all!

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