Monday, April 2, 2012


Oversized sunglasses can only hide you so much from the mamarazzi.

Pictures compliments of our early March summer. I, like an idiot, thought "summer" was here to stay so I packed up Parker's winter gear and stored it away. Dumb. Last night on our walk we were decked out in gloves, hats, and warm coats.

We've made the outside fun with a bunch of gear in addition to your normal sidewalk chalk and bubbles:

bob, giraffe ride on, radio flyer wagon, water table, hoops

So of course Parker always wants to go "owside" and play with "bubus" aka bubbles or "wawa" (water table) or go in the "strow-zer" (stroller) for a walk which lasts to the end of the block before she wants to get out and push it herself--or else. I wonder where she gets her stubborness from. It couldn't be from me ;) And don't get me wrong--I love being outside, just not so much when it's in the low 40s.

Our next big "owside" purchase is a swing set. I check out swing sets in yards like I used to check out designer jeans and handbags. I find one that I think will be perfect for Parker but then I find one even better and my search continues. I better get on it because spring like weather is a comin' this week!

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