Friday, April 27, 2012

Girl got skills

We've got the next Lebron James on our hands.

Hanging from the rim. Just another day. Nothing to see here.

Like father, like daugther I suppose.

I'm not worried if basketball doesn't work out for her though. She always has back up dancing to fall back on. Maybe by the time that materializes she will wear pants while getting her groove on.

I had an all night long dream last night that my u/s showed that I was in fact growing a hot dog. I asked my midwife if she could confirm that blues and trucks and trains were in our future and she told me to wipe the ultrasound gel off of my stomach, mix it with my own urine (???), and if it fizzed it was definitely a boy.

It fizzed.

Since this is highly scientific I can probably just skip my anatomy scan on Monday.

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