Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well there's no turning back now

The master bathroom demo is in full swing my friends.

See you on the other side, hideous 90s small white tile. 

You too plain jane shower basin. 

And any and all chrome faucets. 

The plans are basically to bring this bath to the new century: new tile, granite countertops, under mounted sinks, nickel faucets, framed mirrors, painted cabinets, a lighter paint color that doesn't resemble poop, and doing something with the shower.  And this will all be done on a budget since we hired the cheapest, but highly rated contractor on the block--my husband :)

I was gung-ho about being the first person to take the sledge hammer to that tile.  I've wanted to do it for a long, long time and boy did it feel awesome.  I literally got a rush from seeing slivers of white tile fly across the room.  Five minutes into this I was gasping for air.  Um, out of shape much?

I think that I'll keep on progress on the down low but hope to update everyone with the final project by summer.  Squee!

And happy 7 year dating anniversary to me and the hubs--yes, we still celebrate it, year after year.  It's incredible how a last minute decision can change your life forever. 

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