Monday, February 13, 2012

16 Month Toys

We're hitting 16 months this week so perfect time to share what toys are popular with the little miss.

Baby Stella

4 months in with Stella and it's still pure love.  Where Parker goes, Stella goes--in bed, to daycare, in the car, all around the get the picture.  Stella is all cloth and super soft--and easy to wash.  Pop her in a pillowcase, throw her in on delicate wash and low dry and there ya go--all clean and ready to get dirty again.   We even bought two just in case Toy Story is real.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Kitchen

Parker is now really into toys that have music.  This FP kitchen has a lot of different music options that aren't annoying or fast/confusing enough to give you ADD.   Music aside, the kitchen also has a lot of cool things--a light switch, a shape sorter, an oven that opens, and a sink to name a few.  Not a day goes by where we don't play with Parker's kitchen.

Mega Blocks

Primary colors, big enough for little fingers, and Parker loves stacking them almost as much as she loves knocking them over--score!

Chicken Elmo

I kid you not.  Elmo sings a version of the chicken dance and Parker freaking loves it.  "MELMO!"she says when she presses his foot to get him to dance. 

Fisher Price Topzy Tumblers Twirling Tumblin Fun Park

Well that's a mouthfull.  Three little wobbly people go down the slide and in the ferris wheel.  We keep this toy in Parker's playroom and she goes for it first most of the time.

Little Tikes Shopping Cart

Parker fills this up with her fake food, chases the dog with it, and knocks it over.  It even has a little seat to put a baby doll--precious!

And....drumrolll please....I saved the best toy for last:

Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

We bought this for Parker when she was about 6 months but didn't send her down it the first time until a year.  It's a blast! We push Parker down and she walks the coaster back up the slide.  Sometimes she pushes it down herself with a toy down it, sometimes she uses it just as a slide.  It was hands down the best baby toy purchase we've made.

Enjoy the new toy ideas for your toddler!

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