Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vacation Plans? Check!

We have our vacations planned for the next three years. Did I ever mention that I like planning things in advance? Because I do.

If it was up to me we would be vacaying on a sunny beach every single year. However, hubby doesn't seem to agree so we came up with a compromise--every other year we will have my beach vacation. In the in-between years we'll do something else, most likely low key.

Up this year is Virginia Beach. I've always wanted to go to Mexico and I finally got Kris to agree. I was practically doing cartwheels around my house. But the more I thought about it the more I realized it was a bad idea, especially with Parker in tow. Our delayed vac schedule puts her behind on shots and I'd rather be on US soil in case she gets sick. I'm so not ready for a child free vacay so Mexico is on the back burner. For now...but not forever.

I didn't want to go to Florida. We've been to the Carolinas. Dealing with the West Coast time change sounds like a nightmare for a toddler. I wanted something with lots to do--boardwalks, museums, putt putt, etc. Enter Virginia Beach. I have fond memories of VA from summer vacations when I was younger so I'm definitely pumped to go back.

So VA this year, up North (Michigan, that is) next year, and DISNEY WORLD the following year. Wa to the hoo!

Kris and I had a big debate on whether to drive or fly.

Driving lets us have our own car and we can drive all night with no stops---only theoretically though since Parker is really the one in charge. It's cheaper than flying, though not by a ton. But, it's a long drive and what if Parker doesn't sleep in the car seat? What if we blow a tire and have to wait for AAA?

Flying is fast. And under 2 years old = free. Oh yeah. But we have to try to entertain Parker at the airport before the flight. And on the flight. And how in the world do you get from the airport to the hotel with a toddler? Do you really bring a car seat with you to install in the taxi? And would we need to rent a car?

We ended up deciding to drive. All of the flights to VA had a layover (well not all...we could pay $800 each for a non-stop flight. Yeah, no thanks. Not for something 13 hours away) and it wasn't going to work with Parker's nap. So the Equinox will be getting us to the East Coast. Which is probably good because I have a lot to pack. You couldn't pay me to sleep on hotel bedding. You know those hotel comforters never get washed ::shudder::

The hotel is booked, an itinerary has been made, and I cannot wait for our getaway.
I can practically feel the sand in my toes as I type. Come on, July!

I'm so excited for vacation I'm speechless!


  1. I'm craving the sand between my toes and I just left! I love that you are planned out for the next 3 years. Disney will be a blast! One of my fav vaca spots is Wilmington, NC. We stay in Carolina beach and then drive into Wilmington for shopping, etc. I stalked the cast of One Tree Hill the last time we were there. No biggie!

  2. Why WHY do we live in the cold and snow?! We need to always have a beach next to us! Speaking of stalking, I'm getting ready to stalk Bachelor Ben. He's going to be right near my work on Thursday selling and signing his wine! I'm going to interrogate him on his final pick lol.