Friday, February 17, 2012

Mall Play Place Musings

While at the mall play place, Kris and I sat back and observed all that was going on. And boy was there a lot to observe.

1. There is a world of difference between girls and boys. The girls play with the toys as they are intended--sliding down the slides, sitting in the boat and the car, and walking on the big log. Normal, innocent, safe (key word: safe) fun.

The boys take it to the next level.

Slides aren't for sliding. They are for climbing up and jumping off, whether or not there is a toddler in the vicinity (I swear, little boy, if you hurt my baby...). Logs are for spriting at and jumping over while doing some sort of ninja move in the air. Boats and cars are for everything else--using it as a balance beam, as a place to run and jump into, etc.

I was staring at these boys in a combination of amazement and fear. Lord help me if we ever have a boy--I'll need it to get through all the inevitable scrapes, bruises, and broken bones.

2. Ladies, we can all agree that pregnancy reaks havoc on our bodies. Those nice abs that I had for like a nanosecound around my wedding that were flaunted up and down the Punta Cana beaches?


And I'm not going to show what they have been replaced with.

With that said, lets all agree that we can still look good by wearing the proper attire. And proper attire does not mean skin tight gray leggings with briefs.

3. Play places need to approached with caution. Parker stands completely still for about 10 minutes just taking in all the action. Then she runs into the madness and looks back at us occasionally. We wave and smile and clap and wonder how our little muchncin grew up so fast. And silently curse the boys mentioned in point #1.

4. I find great humor in the parents who are yelling at their children who are playing like normal (and not like the crazy boys in point numero dos) to "calm down." I would figure that you would want your children to exert all their energy in the confines of the play area so that you can get on with your shopping with a little less energy than what your kiddos started with. But what do I know.

5. It costs approximately $75 to play. The bill will be sent from the doctors office that you have to visit two days afterwards to diagnose and treat an eye infection.

Whaaat? Play places have germs??

Happy 16 months, pumpkin! Recap post to follow soon.

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