Monday, February 6, 2012

We have our hands full

You might look at this picture and say awww, look how cute Parker is. 

Little do you know that I caught her in action--shaking her finger at us and saying "no no no."

This all came to be from Five Little Monkeys.  At daycare they have singing circle time and teach the baby's motions to the songs.  When it gets to...."No more monkeys jumping on the bed" they all shake their fingers and say "no no no."

The sass has started.  And something tells me this won't be the end of it ;)


  1. I LOVE this! I'm sure you had a little sass too! :) I call my friends 3 year old daughter diva b/c the sass is in full effect. She told her mom the other day that her name was Addison Gaga. Get ready!

  2. Addison Gaga--omg I love it! Too cute. I'm not prepared for this yet lol!