Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do I live in Florida?

Sunny skies, upper 50s, no snow.  Oh wait, that's not Florida--it's Michigan.

Any other year I'd be ecstatic about this winter.  I hate being cold, I'd rather stick forks in my eyes than drive on snowy, ice covered roads, and it lasts from end of October until the beginning/mid April--that's over 5 months of snow boots and gray skies. 

But this year I have a toddler who I want to play with in the snow.  I want to build snowmen and make snow angels.  I want go sledding.  I want to sip on hot chocolate to warm up from the sub-zero temperatures.

We've only had one day where it was snowy enough to play outside so we took full advantage of it.  We bought a sled, suited up, and played until we were red in the face.  Maybe we will get some more snow this weekend.  Or maybe we will throw on our bathing suits and lay poolside.  You never can tell.

Anyone else have crazy weather for this time of year?

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