Wednesday, February 22, 2012

16 Month Recap

Should I start planning Parker's 2nd birthday party now? I think so.

We had another word-splosion this month--Melmo (aka Elmo), day-do (Playdoh), duck, walk, cheese, bowl, cracker, snow, no, no more, Karker (for Parker!), and school. She's a genius according to our pedi due to her language development. Pssshh, tell us something we don't know. I kid, I kid.

The girly girl side of Parker came out this month. She likes to brush my hair, and hers too, use my blush brush on both of our faces, and is obsessed with putting bracelets on.

I give her lke 20 bracelets and they all end up on her arms, up to her elbows. And we all know that she is apparently ready for a bra.

Climbing is the cool new thing. Parker climbs on the ottomans, on the couch, on her jumper. She thinks it's funny to run away when we're trying to get her dressed. She feeds Baby Stella food and gives her the paci. She loves her Mega Blocks and when we sing songs.

We went to the pedi last month for her 15 month appointment and she's about 22lbs (50th percentile) and 32 inches (95th percentile) so it's basically impossible to find clothes that fit her. She needs 24 month clothes for the height but barely fits in the 18 month clothes based on weight. We're already running into fashion issues and she's only 16 months!

I turn my head to all fashion problems.

Happy 16 months, babycakes!

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