Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sick Day

My poor lil Teags has been battling cold after cold after cold ever since Thanksgiving.  Monday night a fever kicked in, followed by the reddest cheeks you've ever seen the next morning.  After a struggle with the baby torture device (armpit thermometer) her fever was confirmed, Sofia the First was turned on, and a day full of lazing around the house ensued.  

The power of Motrin is a beautiful thing and it kept our lil miss feeling pretty good.  So good that we gave potty training another whirl.  Parker is such an incredible helper with this process.  Out of the six trips to the bathroom, Parker was the one in there each time with her sister, cheering her on and helping her each step of the way.  So while we had many successful potty trips (like usual), we also had a few accidents on the floor (like usual) and the couch (like usual). 

Me (while in the kitchen): Parker, what’s Teagan doing right now?
Parker (in the living room with Teagan): Peeing on the brown couch.

It was said as if it was just a normal, everyday event. 

During nap time I finally started on the dress up area of the girls playroom. A whole reveal will be coming up once all the finishing touches are in place.  Since I’m in this crazy phase called nesting right now it shouldn't take all that long.  Parker and Teagan absolutely adore their new dress up space and I am very much so enjoying the fashion shows and all the model poses that go along with it.

A day at home yesterday was just what the doctor ordered and Teagan is back to her old, silly ways this morning. 

Not a chance of sun today still must be fashionable. 

Teagan all dressed up thanks to Parker.  I think they're both pretty proud of their princess couture. 

Strike a pose!

Teagan trying her best to mimic big sis.  Kissy face and hands on hips (more like belly!)

Monday night fever starting to flare up.  Cuddles and sippy to the rescue. 

See those cheeks starting to get some red on them? Poor babes.  The curlers were all T's idea.  This girl screams bloody murder when I try to fix her hair in the most basic of styles but sits completely still for curlers.  Go figure.

Glad that the sickies are gone for now.  Fun weekend ahead filled with movie night, one on one dates, and a Super Bowl party!

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