Friday, January 2, 2015

More Christmas fun

In the form of cookies! Cookies that I may or may not have had two of per day since they came out of the oven...three weeks ago...what can I say, baby girl loves her some Reese Cup sweets :) 

Parker and Teagan were excellent helpers.  Please note that I had no part in dressing my youngest love in a cardigan worn UNDER her dress.  That husband of mine is a great daddy to our little ladies but dressing and hair-do's are not exactly his expertise ;) 

Did you know that unwrapping candies is so fun for little ones?! The girls loved it.

Please don't mind the array of Pinterest inspired teacher gifts in the back.  What would I do without that site?!

Perhaps the best part of cookie making--licking the beater! I think Teagan is ready for her turn.

Also a must-do is building the gingerbread house.  Call it an early morning, lack of coffee kicking in just yet, or perhaps pregnancy brain, but I was having the hardest time making this house stand up.  I had to call in reinforcement.  Kris got it built and the girls went to town turning it into a house of sweet proportions.

Day one of official potty training.  Teagan has been great with telling us when she needs to go on the potty for a couple months now so we'll see if we can nix these diaps all together (before we start from scratch in April that is!)

After this fun activity. the flu showed up in Teagan as noted below.  This was basically her for four days straight.  Girl cannot catch a break but hopefully all the sickies will stay back in 2014 and not show their face in the new year.

Even though she's feel crummy, baby cuddles are simply the best :)

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