Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Christmas Cheer!

It was Christmas Eve and all through the house…all the little ones where preparing for the big man and his reindeer! First up: reindeer food.  A lil bit of oats, a lil bit of sprinkles, and rain gear was all we needed to make sure Santa’s team had enough fuel to make it to all the houses.  Parker and Teagan are both very interested in helping in the kitchen which makes it fun regardless of the task on hand—reindeer food, cookies, pasta salads—the girls love it all.  

BOOM go the oats

It appears that the littlest reindeer is digging in here

Game face: check.  Serious toddler strides: double check. This two year old is on a mission.

Yes, Christmas Eve people and we were dressed in RAIN jackets.  Rain?!? You’re killing me.  At least we’re getting some snow now 

Action shot!

Side belly at 21 weeks.

I gave Parker options for Santa’s beverage.  1% or coconut milk.  Parker pondered the options and suggested one of her own: chocolate milk.  So I put the free samples of Nesquik that I received in the mail to good use and we whipped it up.  

What a spread! 

After the Christmas Eve rituals it was time to dress in new pajamas, read Christmas stories, and tuck my lovies into their beds (into the room they’re successfully sharing!).  Oh how I have dreamed about the day when the girls could share a room.  The late night giggles, talks, and whispers are far too precious.  Up next…the big day!

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