Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our week via iPhone pics

On multiple occasions we've visited Chuck E Cheese. Parker even celebrated her 4th birthday party at this mouse house.  Each trip results in loads of tickets, tickets that we've hoarded, just waiting for the special day when we'd redeem them for the most glorious of prizes.  That day was this past Monday.  Parker and her heart of gold was ready to go pick out something for her and Teagan.  Always thinking of her little sister :) 

And because we need more large toys in our house, Parker decided on the biggest bouncy balls (and necklaces and bracelets).  She also decided to dominate Wack-a-Ball or whatever it's called.  

In all her prize picking out glory.

Shoving the tickets into the machine.  This took a while but Parker was so enjoying it. Teagan too. 

Earlier that Monday (MLK Day = no work/school woo hoo!) Parker requested to clean like Cinderella.  Mama doesn't not clean like Cinderella (thanks to my animal Dyson) so I found some old brooms in the garage and cleaned they did.  One day this will not be so appealing.  But until then.... :) 

Girlie selfie! 

Morning laziness watching a show and cuddling with Daddy.  Ahhh, I love days like this. 

Family movie day! Complete with Icee's, popcorn, and snuck-in strombolli.  Teagan had her first theater experience a couple weeks ago (we watched Penguins of Madagascar) so we decided to give Paddington a whirl too.  It was such a cute family movie, though Parker did not like the evil character.  I was afraid that would happen.  We couldn't even get through my holiday favorite, Home Alone, without Parker asking us to turn it off when we got to the part with the bad guys.

One day she will love H.A. as much as her mama :) 

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