Monday, January 12, 2015

Phone dump

Finally finally finally! Snow has come to Michigan! So you know what that means...time to suit up and take full advantage of our sledding hill.

It takes about 34 minutes to get the girls ready to brave the elements. And one pouch filled with spinach and pears.  Such a sick combination but hey, the girls eat em up.

Weird that we live in the middle of suburbia.  You'd never know by checking out our backyard view.

My pregnant belly makes a great serving tray.  Taco anyone?

Enjoying Rollers and Strollers.  Both Parker and Teagan did great skating around and around.  Added bonus: you don't have to wear skates so I didn't have to look like a pregnant skating fool (though you probably can't skate while pregnant anyways).

Pretty much a slow day at the rink.  Fine by me!

Awwww, Teags :) First time on the rink.

Parker talking to her baby sister.  My heart melts on a daily basis. If anyone was made to be a big sister, it's this girl.

Why do we need at least two, possibly three king beds in our room?
Exhibit A:

Santa brought us a Hello Kitty makeup kit and it's been a big hit. Us girls love a leisurely day filled with nails, eye shadow, lipstick, and blush.  By taking pictures I'm trying to buy enough time to let those freshly polished nails to dry.  Pretty much the hardest thing ever, attempting to keep two little ones still for a prolonged period of time ;)

Back to cheer for the Bucks! Or perhaps sleep.  I really enjoy sleep at this phase in my pregnancy.

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