Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow much fun!

I am a kid at heart, especially when it comes to snow days.  On Sunday I watched out the window as the snow fell and fell, hoping for that text from school telling us to keep our butts at home.  The snow was falling so gently that I didn't realize how much actually accumulated until we left home Sunday night to attend a Super Bowl party.  Our main roads were like trails!  Multiple cars were stuck on the road, unable to make it through the almost foot of snow at that point.  The Acadia was made for the snow so it was smoooooth sailing. Midway through the big game the text arrived.  School was closed! Woohoo! 

Pre-snowpocalypse.  Love our "suburban" views :) 

Our snow day was filled with sleeping in, early morning movie watching of Beauty and the Beast (did you know that the Beast is actually a tiger?! According to Teagan that is), and lots of sledding.  Our sled hill is massive, so much so that Parker was in tears on the first run due to all the loose snow blowing in her face while she was zipping down. Later that afternoon Parker joined her friends a couple houses over for more sledding on a less intense hill.  Still cautious, she rode backwards down the hill the first few times. 

You gotta do what you gotta do in 20 inches of snow!

Snow pup lives for days like this. 

Teagan found it very comical to fall every three seconds.  

Waiting for snow dog to come back inside

Just look how happy they are about an extra day at home! The real look of shock was because I had the nerve to snap a photo mid movie

Yep, our porch is somewhere out there. 


Freezing but having fun! I know so many people complain about the snow but I simply love it! I couldn't imagine living somewhere that doesn't get to experience all seasons like MI.

To keep up with the winter theme, let's switch to one of Rochester's many events--Fire and Ice! A whole weekend of winter fun--bonfires, hot cocoa, ice sculptures, a hilly road transformed into a huge ice/snow sledding hills, and my favorite--fireworks! 

While fireworks are my fave, these Elsa and Anna cakes (yes, they are cakes!) made by a local downtown bakery are also so incredible.  

Something about seeing fireworks in the snow makes me oh so happy.  Teagan on the other hand? It makes her want to cry, snuggle up, hold on to me with a death grip, and close her eyes.  Poor babes! Never has this child enjoyed a firework show.  Never.  Not even at Disney!

I'm in the process of convincing Kris that we NEED to go to Disney again early December.  Beat the Christmas crowds (aka hell on earth) but still get to experience all the magical Christmas decor...why not! Maybe Teagan will warm up to the fireworks by then.

Downtown goes hand in hand with self serve fro-yo. 

Up tonight is another three inches of snow.  Weeeeee!

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