Monday, February 23, 2015

The great outdoors

For a couple weeks now Parker has been requesting the arrival of spring.  When is it going to be spring? When is it going to be warm? And most importantly, when can we have a campfire?!

The campfire question has been brought up numerous times.  And since this is the longest winter in the history of winters (though don't they all feel that way by the end of February) we had to take matters into our own hands.  No waiting around for the first sight of grass.  Two feet of snow was not going to stop us so yesterday we fired this bad boy up.

And of course, a fire is not complete without marshmallows.  Parker ate her age in sticky sugary goodness (four marshmallows) and even our littlest lady who shies away from sweets for the most part indulged in a couple.  I currently look and feel like a marshmallow so that was good enough for me.

In other news, my children are getting bigger.  Why/how does this keep happening? 2 1/2 next month!

As you can tell, Teagan is sporting quite the fancy dress for a lazy Saturday afternoon,  But she wouldn't have it any other way.  If it's not a fancy dress it's a princess dress.  If it's not clip on earrings it's necklaces and bracelets.  I have mentioned that I love having girly girls, right?!

Potty training Teagan has been...lets call it interesting.  Some days are awesome, like day.  From wake up at 730am to nap at 1pm, Teagan was diaper and accident free.  Some of the times she told me when she had to go potty.  The other times I asked.  Each successful potty trip resulted in the delicious goodness of a single M&M.

But then there are the other days.  The days when undie sporting Teagan pees on the couch and finds it HILARIOUS.  Or the days when she's standing up and pees all down legs, soaking her leggings and socks and also finds that to be a comedy show.  There was a reason we wanted a house with a lot of wood flooring.  And a reason why we make a decision a while back to not spend an arm and a leg on furniture that would inevitably be destroyed by a pee monster.  We're not pushing this milestone but if I can go without two in diapers again I won't be mad about it.

Teagan is learning at lighting speed.  Colors are easy for her and she loves telling us what color everything is.  Food, pictures in books, everything.  Singing is one of her favorite pastimes, she has a bunch of books memorized that she reads to us, and she is Parker's copycat.  Eating is still hit or miss but she will never turn down a glass of coconut milk paired with Goldfish.

Sleep is still strong, down about 9pm and up around 7am with a three hour nap.  The Toy Story trilogy is her favorite movie and Sofia the First is in the lead for her favorite show.  I'm calling it now--this girl has that natural athletic ability.  Watching her kick a soccer ball and dance is pretty incredible.  I'm looking forward to starting her in dance in September when she's finally old enough!

Still goofy as can be but we're also experiencing the terrible twos.  Like I tell her not to do something and she looks me dead in the eye, smirks, and does it again.

Exhibit A:
T: Mommy, can I slide on my belly?
Me: No
::slides on belly while cracking up

Lord help me.

Side note: I feel like an absolute genius for putting the slide into the ballpit. I am so smart.

Parker is so ready to be a big sister again.  This girl has such a caring heart of gold it's truly inspiring. When Teagan is at her worst, Parker more often than not greets the attitude with sympathy.  Take yesterday.  Parker was almost finished with her huge, three foot Frozen puzzle when Teagan was overcome by jerk-mode.  She walked over to the puzzle, bent down, and destroyed it.  Off to the time out couch T went and I helped Parker put the puzzle back together.  After Teagan's cooling off period, Parker said: " Teagan, I still love you even when you break my puzzle."  Yes, Parker is a mere four years old :)

True sisterly love.

Parker is dominating preschool.  Writing is old news.  Now we're on to addition and she loves math problems.  Right now she has 75 sight words memorized.  I switch them up to make sure she's not merely memorizing the pattern of the words and sure enough, she knows the words in any order. Homework is a breeze for her and she picks up new topics very easily. This makes me struggle over our decision to wait until next year for her to go to kindergarten.  But I keep going back to why make them grow up faster than they need to.  I do hope that being one of the oldest in her class will have strong advantages, especially when it comes to the workload and expectations I've heard are pretty intense in our district even for the wee kindergartners. I will eliminate the thought of an extra year of childcare that we will pay, times two (Teagan is also start public school when she's five as opposed to four).    Whatever, we're probably switching to a nanny for added convenience once baby girly #3 arrives so we'll still be paying out the wazoo for a while. Good thing these girls are cute ;) 

Until next time! I still have to catch up on Disney pics, plus I should update all the home improvements we (and by we, don't we all know that I really mean Kris) have knocked out like crazy these past few months.

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