Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The effects of seasonal depression

Warning: living in Michigan during the winter may have serious effects on your mental state.  It may make you dream about past vacations in a warmer climate, These dreams may take over your entire mind and before your fast typing fingers know what's happening, they've clicked "make your reservation" on Disney's website.

December 2015 family vacay to Disney, here we come!

Dying with anticipation does not come close to describing how I feel.  All the memories made on our first family trip a mere five months ago left us wanting to go back as soon as possible.  If you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with Christmas.  So in planning Disney trip numero dos, there was no doubt in my mind that this had to happen during the holiday season.

However, visiting the happiest place on Earth during the holidays can be a nightmare.  Christmas is by far the busiest season at the park.  After experiencing Disney during one of the slowest times of year during our last trip (September) I never plan to go when it's wall to wall people and endless waits.  Thankfully the week we're going (first full week in December) is one of the slowest times of year again so I'm looking forward to our longest wait being something like 15 minutes.

Our first vacation as a family of five.  What a sight we'll be lugging three children four and under, a stroller, and all our gear through the airport.  While we loved Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge, we're going with Disney's Old Key West resort this time.  Might as well try something new!

In all this Disney planning I realized that I never fully updated the blog with pics from our past trip.  Five months later...but something about being pregnant with two little ones already, a full time job, and a bedtime that mirrors the girls, I barely find time to prep for the next day.

So finally, a recap :)

Baby girl will get to spin in these teacups out of the womb on our December trip :) I was about seven weeks pregnant here.

That little face is SO happy.  Cannot cannot cannot wait to recreate these moments.

And even happier here.

But here? Very cautious.  Not trusting of Goofy as an astronaut.  Rightfully so I am quite sure.

Teagan decided to save up her doubt for Donald,

Riding It's a Small World for the 12th time.  Seriously.  That low time of the year thing really does pay off.  Hands down, this was Teagan's favorite ride.

One of the most magical things about Disney is the attention to every little detail.  If you've ever watched the movie Tangled, you will feel like you're in it at this corner of Disney.

About to stuff our face with the most delicious (and expensive) lunch on the planet.  Cinderella's Royal Table.  A must do on our next trip, though most likely for dinner this time around to try something new.

You really do get what you pay for at this meal. 5 star service for sure.  Five princess meet and greets, three (or was it four?) courses, magic wands, wishing stars, and to die for eats.  This really is a must do at Disney.

:) My littlest one loved nothing more than sprinting up to the princesses for a quick embrace before retreating to the safety of our table.

I forgot to mention that this post is picture overload.  Though I'm assuming you've already figured that out.

Tinkerbell was one of my fave character experiences.  It's truly secluded, just you and the fairy in a room alone, and you have a long time to chat.  These girls are big Tbell fans.  Parker even picked out a Tinkerbell doll to bring home and it's constantly played with.

Someone is excited to start the day! We ran these girls from sun up to sun down.  Napping in the stroller was okay, though we learned our lesson about renting what's supposed to be a great stroller--the City Mini.  We decided to leave our amazing double BOB at home. Didn't want to risk the pricey child transportation tool getting wrecked on the airplane.  Big mistake.  HUGE.  The BOB is easy to push.  City Mini is not.  The BOB is waterproof.  The City Mini is not.  I cannot even begin to explain my frustration with a soaking wet stroller from the daily rain.  No matter how we tried to protect it, soaking wet it got.

We'll be taking our chances this time and bringing the BOB with us!

Disney Junior day at Hollywood Studios! I practically passed out with excitement upon my first glimpse of Sofia the First.  I understand that' not a normal reaction for a 31 year old.

Check out baby T, book in hand waiting her turn to get Sofia's signature. 

I will stop now for the day before I crash this computer.  But I will be back to recap the rest of our trip! Between the pool and a sunny vacation planned, I’m pretty sure that I’m ready for fun in the sun!

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