Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If you have endless free hours today...

...you can check out my three million vacation photos.

In a nutshell Virginia Beach was the perfect getaway. It was super family friendly which was what I was hoping for. I didn't know if we would be surrounded by keg pounding beach goers but the only thing I saw being pounded on the beach were juice boxes. The weather was a little toasty (helloooo 100 degree days) but we worked with it by spending the morning at the beach and pool and the afternoon doing indoor things like the Aquarium, Children's Museums, and mini golf. Thanks to recommendations by conceirge we dined at amazing local restaurants and stuffed ourselves silly. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life was much needed. No cooking, no cleaning, no errands...only fun in the sun. My kind of trip.

We learned a couple things from this vacation. One, a single hotel room doesn't cut it with a child. We'll be going the seperate room suite route from now on. Keeping everyone in one room when one of those people nap (make that two. I took full advantage of being lazy) would have been much easier with a second room. Second, we need a bigger car asap. My crossover SUV was packed to the brim. Once baby girl arrives we'll really be strapped for space. I'm patiently waiting for a great deal on a GMC Acadia to pop up. Third, a stroller would have been a nice addition. I've never been a huge stroller fan other than using the BOB for runs but when Parker wanted to be held, she wanted to be held. 7 months pregnant + 110 heat index + 25lb Parker = no weight gain for the week even though I made it my job to indulge. Talk about a work out.

I had so much fun that I'm already planning our next beach vacation!

I'm so excited to be in Virginia Beach!

Naked with sand on her face. Whatever makes her happy.

Out on the beautiful beach

Have I mentioned that Parker is obsessed with birds? Because she is.

She was also obsessed with her shovel and bucket. Once it got full she would say "ready" for us to tip it over and make a sand castle.

But obsessed with the water?

Not so much.

We took Parker in the ocean every day and while she tolerated it, she made sure to say "not nice, water" and "stay, water" and "be nice, water." One night she did decide that she loved the ocean and was running around in the water like a crazy woman. I got loads of hugs and kisses that night and heard lots of "come here, water," "this is fun," and "I love this."

Mommy and daughter matching pink toes :)

That's right. Pregnant in a bikini.

Aquarium time.

Parker wanted to bring these turtles home with us. She was mesmerized. Thankfully this place had a thousand turtle exhibits. Seriously.

Nature Trail connecting one side of the Aquarium to the other.

There was no shortage of pinecones in this forest.

My two daredevils decided to climb up the treetop lookout tower. Parker climbed all the way up four monstrous sets of stairs. I relaxed down below on the bench.


Perhaps the coolest thing about vacationing on the ocean during the 4th was the beachside fireworks.

"Mommy's silly"

Parker had mixed emotions about the fireworks. At first she was scared ("too loud"), then she was in shock (see above), then she dozed in and out on Kris' shoulder.

Finally, a way to keep Parker in a bubble.

Unfortunately these bubbles pop way too easy.

Children's Museums have the neatest ideas. The bubble room was absolutely fantastic.

"I do this"

The grocery store section was packed with yummy things.

In the process of taking baby's clothes off on the dentist chair. This kid prefers her baby dolls sans clothing. Baby Stella has been in the nude for endless months.

Look at me, I'm a vet!

Ahhh, get me back here asap!

And this is how the beach looks super early in the morning. While most people were sleeping we were playing in the sand. Not exactly by our choice though. Parker had some pull in this decision.

See Kris way out there?

Another Children's Museum. Parker loved this carosel. She started off holding my hand but right about now she's pushing me away and saying, "Mommy, go." Where did this big girl come from??

Let me check my list...Cheez It's? Check. Green pepper? Check. Parker? Check.

Melts my heart :)

Parker's awwww, hell no face when some boy tried to steal her car.

There's only one person having fun in this picture and I'm pretty sure it's not Parker.

So there you have it. Memories made to last a lifetime.


  1. My parents recently traded in their Cadillac for a Buick Enclave. They looked at the Acadia too. They were very similar. They got one with a third row seat and bucket seats in the middle. I have to say we took my cousin's twins shopping for flower girl dresses and they were a breeze to get in and out! I'm glad Ms. Parker enjoyed the beach!! :)

  2. Kris really likes the Enclave too. I'm looking for the same thing like your parents have, three rows and bucket seats. I will never make the cross over into van land so this is my best bet!

  3. Hi Stacey , i am Judith , i am on the Bump , the same oct 10 as you . My son Misi only 4-5 days younger , i love your blog . I thought that post was funny , when Parker says that " be Nice water ! "

  4. Hi girl! The things these little ones say are too precious sometimes. I don't think the water listened to Parker though because the ocean waves kept coming at us ;) Can't believe our babies are turning two in just a matter of months. Where did the time go??

  5. That is a good question , but your going to have an another wee girl so you can live up again the same .:)Myself i will wait , for a while :), but that little thing was really funny , what Parker said , i was laughing about 10 minute about it , i showed it to my Partner ,Padraig too , he thought it was funny also .:)

  6. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun! It makes me so excited to take Sean to Chicago next week! Were you using your new lens in the pictures? With the f1.8?

  7. You guys are going to have so much fun! I just read your blog and I hope Sean's HFM clears up before then. Parker had it once but it was not that severe at all. She never developed any bumps or anything like that. I'm shocked at how awful it's been for him :( Remember that I'll be in Chicago too...maybe we'll bump into each other!

    I was using the new lens for most of the pics. I was shooting mainly at f4 since that seems to be where people find the best focus. I busted out the external flash for the bulk of the indoor photos--love that thing--though the dark ceilings were not my friends since I tend to bounce the light off of it. I have so many more picture that I took...I'm addicted to that camera.

  8. I'm debating getting a 50mm 1.8 lens before we leave for Chicago since they're about $100 on Amazon. I'm thinking it will make for better pictures than my kit lens. Not sure what to do...I'm so torn on lenses.

    I need to get an external flash too. It's on my long list of accessories to spread out buying throughout the next year. Do you mind my asking what brand you got and what you paid for yours?

    Maybe we can plan to meet up somewhere in Chicago with the kids? I'm really excited to take Sean to The Children's Museum at Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, a Cubs game, and possibly the Science museum since they supposedly have a huge train that he would just love.