Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bean Bag Sad Face

It's no secret that I tend to be pretty crunchy. But even the tree burning, Styrofoam using, non-organic eaters out there would probably stop and think for a second after seeing a warning label like this:

The bean bag search has been going on in the S house for quite some time. Fun color + fabric material + huge + no loan required to pay for the thing = does not exist. That is until I found this bad boy compliments of Walmart.

I'm not a Walmart chic. I haven't shopped there in years. Sure, I don't like how they invade small towns and ruin local businesses among other things, but that's not what really keeps me from there. It's the fact that it's 4 miles away from my house (terribly long for me lol) and the lines are insane. Yeah, no thanks. But come on--this bean bag met all the requirements except it was vinyl so into my shopping cart it went.

Two days of fun later, Kris saw the warning label. Sure, California is sort of in their own world but come on. If something says it's linked to cancer and things I'd rather skip it. I did some Google research and discovered that the vinyl has lead in it. California is concerned with the lead transferring from your hands to your mouth to your body. Sounds legit to me.

I'm bummed but the bean bag is currently in my trunk waiting to be returned. Looks like vinyl is out. Now if only I could find a fabric one for less than $300...

I hope Parker won't be too heartbroken. I have a feeling that tomorrow's delivery will make her happy.

Hopefully I can schedule the installation for next week and we'll be in swing set business. Squee!


  1. I got ours from Pottery Barn. I don't remember how much it was and it was a long time ago...but it's fabric. Maybe check there?

  2. Thanks :) I'll check there. I knew $50 for a huge bean bag was too good to be true.

  3. I don't know if this is even remotely close to something you would want to try, but I saw this on Pinterest last night and thought of you!