Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally Friday

The week back to reality after vacation is brutal. I swear, this week lasted like 4 months. I'm ready to skip out of work early today and spend the weekend at the lake. Lakes are more fun than mulching, unless you ask Parker.

One day she will realize that chores suck.

Hold up...helping isn't acutally fun? It's work?

I need a drink after that bombshell.

And to end, if you have any experience with a toddler you'll most likely find Honest Toddler's tweets to be hilarious. I actually think that Parker might be tweeting these when we're not looking. I really can relate.

I know where your keys are.

I won't be eating much dinner tonight. Thanks for cooking though.

No, you misunderstand. I don't want you to pat my back to sleep I want you to pat it until morning.

Mom has been wearing the same pants for three days but I'm "the mess." OK.

Stay out as late as you'd like. I'll be up slightly before dawn. #datenight

Skipped my nap today. Exhausted. Will go right to bed. LOL. NOT. FEEL LIKE ADRENALINE & RED BULL ARE PUMPING THROUGH MY BABY VEINS.

Barista just asked me not to touch the pastry display glass. Licked it. In yo face.

Weird how these "maternal instincts" don't apply to knowing what I'd like for lunch. Just an observation.

"Oh well. Failed again at going to bed at a reasonable time. May as well FB/Tweet/Pin until 1AM. There's always coffee." -All the parents

Happy weekend!

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