Monday, March 5, 2012

Poop and pee and things of the like

Well the time has come. It's now time to place my last ever cloth diaper order. These bad boys, the large brown prefolds, will fit up to 36 months. Now I know absolutely nothing about potty training other than it sounds like something you do with a dog, but I'm hoping that Parker will have graduated to big girl undies come 3 years and we won't have to order the next size of cloth diaps.

About $500 covered all of our cloth diapering needs--it bought us all of our prefolds, Thristies, Snappis, and a handful of FuzziBunz (that I still don't like). We can reuse all of this on future kiddos that come our way too--cha-ching! And I'm hoping that we'll be done using them on Parker very soon because the potty training has started--sort of. Right now the Disney Priness potty is set up in our half bath.

It has a jeweled handle that's supposed to be the flusher thing (which would be really cool on real toilets, right?), is pink, and has pictures of the Disney princesses on it. Apparently all of this is supposed to make it super fun to pee in. Though I think that Parker probably has the most fun shoving toliet paper between my legs when I"m peeing. So we have the potty--that's the first step. Now I just need to scour the internet to figure out how to do this and we're on our way to putting this potty training thing in full motion. I'm sure that pee won't end up all over my bathroom floor or anything like that. Wish me luck--we might need it!

You do know that I'm peeing as you take this picture, right?


  1. Good Luck Stacie!! I hope its a rather painless process for you!

  2. You and me both! You do know that can always come up to visit and help ;)