Friday, March 16, 2012

Disney Princesses on Ice!

In a nutshell--it was awesome. Parker in a tutu, box of popcorn for me and Kris, and a million Disney characters was suhweet. Our Disney vacation isn't for a couple more years so I'll take a little Disney any time it makes a Michigan appearance.

Parker was all about it at first. Like, wouldn't-even-move-her-eyes-from-the-action all about it.

Then she basically said screw you Disney, I'll spend my 2 hours here as I please. And that will entail bouncing from mom to dad to mom to dad, eating mom's necklace, clapping, desperately trying to grab the lady's hair in front of me, and making the occasional glance at the ice rink. We thought that seats only 10 rows back would hold her attention. Eh, noble attempt. Her favorite part was intermission, by far. We let her run around the hallways to burn off some energy and burn she did.

For the girl who hasn't sat still at one time for more than 2 1/2 minutes in her entire life she did fabulous at the show. I was picturing a disaster but it was loads of fun--for all of us.

Bring on the next show, Disney! We're seasoned veterans.

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