Sunday, March 25, 2012

17 Months

17 months...already. How exactly did that happen again?

Miss Parker had another language explosion this month--25 new words!

-yogurt (rorurt)
-phone (shone)
-i love you (i lululu)
-thank you (ank ooh)
-mermaid (meh maid)
-Sophia (friend at school)
-Elara (friend at school)
-bubbles (bubu)
-Sydney (Siznee)
-MAMA!!--the kid finally, FINALLY, realizes that I'm mama. She calls for me if I'm in the other room, points to me when I ask who mama is. She's said mama for a long time but just made the association that the lady who sings crazy songs and acts like a maniac is in fact her mother. Music to my ears.
-two, six, nine, ten

That's right, Parker showed of another wild skill this month--she's learning her numbers! Now I can't take any credit for this--this is all thanks to her teachers. Very cool the things she's already learning at school--things that I wouldn't even think to teach her yet. Parker has a book with numbers and I said "one," pointed to the next number and she said "two." My eyes fell out onto the floor. I said, "three, four, five" and she said "six" when I pointed to it. I looked at Kris and his eyes were on the floor too. Then I said "seven, eight" and Parker ends with "nine, ten." Craaaazy.

Speaking of daycare, Parker knows all of her friends names. The teacher will ask Parker where each friend is and Parker points to them. She's also very nice to babies at school. If a baby is crying and Parker is around she will walk over and caress it. Good news seeing as how it will be baby central at the S house come September. Daycare also nixed the paci. Parker doesn't have it at all, even for naps. Well, she does at home for sleeping but we're working on it. Okay, I'm not working on it because I'm scared but I WILL work on it. So yay to daycare for being awesome once again! Love em.

Parker is obsessed with ducks, Elmo (which is weird since she doesn't watch TV but there are one million Elmo toys at school and we have some too), zippering things, and saying no. She now knows the meaning of no which is pretty neat and makes communication even easier. She loves going down slides. We visit the bagillion local parks every week and we're having a hard time finding a slide that Parker can't go down herself. Hide and seek has been coined "Karker" aka Parker because whenever Parker wants to play H&S she says "Karker?" Her favorite hiding spot is behind the curtains or in the bathrooms next to the vanities. It makes it very tough to find her ;)

Another cool thing is she's able to recite books. Sandra Boynton is one of my favorite little kid book authors and Moo, Baa La la la is a hit in our house. I read the text and Parker follows with the sounds...

S: The cow goes--
P: Moo
S: The sheep goes--
P: Baa
S: Three singing pigs go--
P: La la la

What else...she strings together hi and whatever, so hi mama, hi doggie, etc. She loves blowing kisses and giving them up too. I ask her where mama's baby is and she pulls up my shirt and kisses my belly. She is a vegetarian by choice. The kid still won't touch chicken or beef. We still bed share and are still loving it. She hits the sack by 9pm, sometimes closer to 930pm, and is up for the day between 7am and 8am. The later bedtime and later AM wake call is fab. The 3rd molar is here and thankfully didn't bother her as much as the top two did.

And finally, the most important thing of all...I'm pretty confident in saying that Parker now sleeps through the night. Back story--I'm not down with crying it out and never considered it even though Parker would wake up constantly. It took her 17 months to figure it out, but she figured it out all on her own. I knew it could be done sans tears!

On to the 18th month!

See that lens cap coming to cover up my camera?

Crayons are non-toxic for a reason.

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