Monday, March 19, 2012

Two words: bendy straws

I cannot begin to express my love of bendy straws and plastic restaurant kid cups. Whoever thought hey, lets put our logo and some fun designs on a cup, throw a straw in it and call it a day needs to have a day devoted entirely in their honor. That straw cup kept Parker entertained for the entire meal last week at Olive Garden.

So much so that a guy at the next table over commented on how we must take her out to eat all the time because she’s so well behaved. I practically spit my water all over that dude’s face. Obviously he wasn’t dining with us just a couple months back (pre-straw cup mind you) when Parker and her friend Lexi ran around the OG like they owned the place. Obviously he doesn’t know that we request booths whenever we dine out because it’s easier to keep Parker contained in a booth than in a chair. Obviously he doesn’t know that we dine out at 5pm in hopes to miss the crowd in the event of a meltdown.

But of course I nodded and said, oh yes, she did great tonight, while realizing that this is the one and only time that she sat through a meal. Bendy straw success!

Last night at the Macaroni Grill we were met with a normal, straight straw. Gah! And you know what? Parker acted like she slammed ten Pixy Stix right before dinner, Toddler and Tiara style, and was her regular wild woman self.

Bendy straws made it onto this week’s grocery shopping list. Lesson learned.

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