Friday, August 12, 2011


We’re in the midst of a parenting fail. Parker has been crawling for a month and we have yet to baby proof. Kris and I have the right intentions. Numerous times we’ve said, let’s get on Amazon tonight and order everything—but come on. After Parker is in bed and showers are taken and lunches are made and errands are ran and the house is straightened up—it’s couch crashing time.

So yesterday I decided to stop slacking and start buying. I went to my favorite virtual store, Amazon, a came back with my head spinning. I get anxious when I find out things that I didn’t know before. Like you know these door stopper things?

Did you know that the white thing on the end can pop off? Making it a choking hazard? Well I didn’t until I found this nifty thingamabob.

Nothing pops off, no springs to pinch tiny fingers. I was amazed.

And did you know they make stoppers to prevent said tiny fingers from being pinched in doors?

Again, amazing.

I’m of the mind set that the house is Parker’s to explore. If she wants to put her drooly hands all over our walls, so be it. I’ll cringe and wipe it up the minute Parker goes to sleep, but so be it. If she wants to crawl over to the TV stand and press the buttons on the DVD player, cool with me. Since our entire house is Parker’s world, I feel that I need lots of baby proofing things but I don’t want to go overboard on unnecessary things. I’m loving theose rubber things that cover up sharp corners. How brilliant! Those will be perfect for the TV stand and coffee table!

So while I have some good ideas now we still don’t have baby proofing things and I’m drowning in choices. Maybe this weekend I’ll just break down and make some purchases.

As for the weekend, I’m definitely looking forward to it. We’re planning on doing something tomorrow—going to the lake, the Aquatic center, or the zoo—then are having friends over for a playdate and dinner. And I may or may not have plans to steal some Parker cuddles during her naptimes. This mama is tired from seeing 4am one too many times this past week!

And, of :)

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