Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Months!

You see what she is doing with her left hand?! Trying to pull off her headband. The horror!

10 months. That’s only two months away from turning the big o-n-e. Two months!

Parker started this month off by pulling herself up on furniture. She now “climbs” up walls and scoots across the couch, especially if her BFF, Sydney, is on the other side of the couch trying to maintain her safety (video of this is at the end). And while we’re on the subject of movement, Parker is so fast at crawling now. She sees what she wants and boom, she’s on the crawl to get it.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is Parker standing! It’s a very short stand—like ten seconds—but she’s standing! She likes to pull herself up on whatever, let go for a few, then grab back on. Kris and I stared at each other in amazement when this happened. And of course, like the sap I am (which only started when Parker arrived), I teared up. Never did I know how emotional these milestones would be. My bet is that she will be an early walker-I would think in the next couple of weeks. I'm not prepared for the cute crawling and pulling up phase to be over so quickly but I'm very excited to have her running around the house!

We have two teeth finally poking through up top with about three more on the verge of breaking through. Parker’s eating three meals a day and her nursing has slowed waaaaaay down the past couple of months. She’s content with nursing three times during the day and is still nursing during the night. She sleeps about 11 hours each night. Sometimes as little as 9, sometimes as many as 13, but usually 11. We're at about two naps each day for a total of 2ish hours. There is far too much fun stuff to do besides nap!

Parker is still doing wonderful at daycare. They’ve had a fun month of activities—bubble play time, outside picnics, bring your favorite book days, arts and crafts, and many more things! She has a lot of baby friends that she crawls around with and talks to. Apparently, she also really enjoys pulling said babies hair and trying to steal their Veggie Straws, which we don’t let her eat. I did however break down and let her eat Cherrios. Organic, mind you, but still Cherrios. Occasionally Parker got mad when other babies had Cherrios and she didn’t, so I brought some for her. She doesn’t eat too many but it keeps her happy, so Cherrios it is!

And in an update to the clam post: he has been found! He was hiding on our bedroom dresser. Still no sign of Sophie though…I feel like our house in being filmed for Toy Store 25 with the way toys have been disappearing.

Here are some pics from the past month!

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