Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Monday!

Kris, Parker and I had a great weekend. We started Friday off by—gasp—playing outside! It has been so humid for weeks that we’ve taken refuge in the cool, air conditioned house. It was nice to finally get outside after work and enjoy the fresh air. Parker had a great time climbing all over Kris and playing with his belt. I never knew belts were so cool. She also really wanted to grab Syd's leash to take her for a walk.

Saturday we woke up bright and early. Early as in 5am early. That was short lived though because Parker soon realized that she was still very sleepy so we got some cuddle time in on the couch. Even though we sleep together every night, there’s something different about lying on the couch with her snuggled on my chest. It makes me remember the many nights when she was days and weeks old and we laid on the couch together. As soon as she woke up for real, we went out for our morning jog and ran through the subdivision over to the neighborhood park. I’m in love with this park. There is a ton of cool playground stuff, picnic and grilling areas, and a huge, green grass field that just begs to be played on. Parker loved going down the slide with me and swinging; Kris and I loved getting a break from the run!

After we got home we spent the rest of the weekend just playing around the house. Parker is infatuated with Sydney’s toys and dog bowls. I try to stop the licking and chewing of dog items, but Parker is a fast one. She stuck her hand in Syd’s water bowl, pulled it out, and licked it before I had a chance to stop her…so I decided to give her a water bowl of her own. She decided to pour it all over the floor.

Kris spent a bit of time in the basement and it’s coming along fabulously! We have a bar, crown and base molding, tile in the bathroom, paint on the walls…our goal has been to have it done by Parker’s first birthday and it looks like we’re on the right track. I’m so proud of Kris for doing all of this work and doing it so well. We will welcome the extra space with open arms!

Parker decided to have another early morning today. This time, it was 4am. I honestly don’t mind getting up with Parker no matter the time, but I knew that she couldn’t possibly be ready to start her day, even though she was crawling around on the bed, eyes wide open, with a huge grin on her face. So into the Ergo we went and within minutes she was out cold. It’s going on 20ish months since the sweet, caffeinated goodness that is coffee has touched my lips but today I was so tempted. I was getting hot water for my tea which is right next to the office Keurig. It took a lot of strength not to brew a cup!

We had a great weekend and we’re looking forward to the ones ahead; filed with friends coming over, family visiting, and birthday parties!

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