Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aquatic Center!

Last weekend we spent the day at the Aquatic Center which is conveniently located only a few miles away from our house. I think that I was the most excited out of my family to go splash around and rightfully so—this place was awesome! It had tennis courts, sand volleyball, a sand area for kids to play (which we didn’t ventured to since sand + Parker = snack time), a zero depth entrance pool, big slides, and a kiddie area. Parker is a total water baby. She had a blast crawling around in the pool and grabbing the water that was spraying out of the kiddie area. I see many more trips to the Aquatic Center in our future. Maybe not this year since summer is quickly coming to a close (how did that happen so fast??) but many weekends will definitely be spent there next summer! Here are some pictures from my old point and shoot!

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