Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy 6 Months!

Halfway to one.  Say it ain't so! 

16lbs 14.5oz, 50th percentile
27.75 inches long, 95th percentile

Yep, still the happiest baby.  Unless there are teeth involved.  Then she's not so happy. 

But if Sydney is around then she's happy all over again. 

Or if pink leopard Sperry's (!!!) are involved then she's happy.

But back to the teeth.  Poor thing is just miserable.  From throwing up due to the mucus/extra saliva to waking every 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours throughout the night from the pain Teagan is not the happiest of campers.  We're using the Borion Camilia drops and while that helps for a little bit it wears off. 
I'm truly hoping that a whole mouth full of teeth are about to pop on through because if it's all this hoopla for one measly tooth then we’re in for it. 

Teagan is sitting like a pro now.  I still plop pillows and/or the Boppy around her since I’m a worrywart like that but girlfriend has got it down.  Sitting opens up a whole new world of toys and a new way to play with Parker.  It’s adorable.  Some of my favorite moments are just sitting and watching Teagan and Parker interact.  

It is SO easy to get Teagan to laugh.  If you talk to her in a silly voice or squeak a toy or eat her belly she dissolves into a fit of baby giggles.  I would post a video but I sound like a maniac trying to get some squeals out of her.  Her hand-eye coordination is incredible.  There’s no hesitation in picking up a toy, transferring it from hand to hand, or putting it in her mouth. 

Bath time is really fun. It’s basically a splash park with all the kicking Teagan does in the tub. She’s still in the plastic infant tub but I feel like it’s time to bust out the inflatable one.  Then Parker and Teagan could bathe together and that could be so fun.  Or a disaster.  You never can tell. 

Teagan’s taking about three naps a day ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Swaddle, paci, and crib.  At night she goes to sleep in our bed around 8pm and wakes around 7am.  Typically she has three wake ups to eat but that schedule has been thrown out the window due to teething. 

We're still able to rock her to sleep which melts my heart.  Parker was never a fan of the rocking chair so this is definitely a special treat for us. Cloth diapering is still happening though we've been doing disposables at night.  I haven't had to change her diaper at night in a long time.  Good for baby since she doesn't get jostled around and good for mama since I don't have to get out of bed!

Towards the end of the month we started Teagan on food.  We'll do BLW (Baby Led Weaning) again but since Teagan seems to have a little reflux we're mashing and letting her self feed from a spoon for now.


Avocado was up first and Teagan wasn't overly enthused. 

Since then we've tried bananas and sweet potato and I have a couple pears ready to be peeled and steamed up.  The puking has put a damper on things so we're slowly jumping into solids.  Most days Teagan will eat one small meal and we're planning on starting food at daycare in the next couple of weeks.  

Happy 6 months sweet babe! You bring us so much joy every single day.  Love you forever :)


  1. she is so cutee
    i already forgot the big baby milestones , i am affraid by the time i will have my next , i will have to read again : what to expect: the first year

    1. I forget a lot of stuff and they're only 23 months apart! I keep going back to Parker's baby book to see what she was doing at the same age.

  2. How is she 6 months old already??? Btw...the leopard print Sperry's are freaking amazing. Well done Mom!

    1. I thought of you immediately when I spotted those Sperry's. Pink and leopard and Sperry's. I mean, come on. That's shoe heaven right there.