Thursday, April 25, 2013

April showers bring...

...something other than May flowers.

Early Saturday morning Parker woke up upset and was scared to go back to sleep in her room.  Not wanting to struggle with her at 3am, Kris retreated with her to the basement as she requested.  7am rolled around and Kris noticed was he thought were feet marks all over the slightly shaggy carpet.  Assuming that Sydney was outside in the rain and ventured to the basement, wet paws and all, he didn't think much of it.  Until he stood up. 

The carpet was drenched. Cue running to the storage room to check out the sump pump,  Some thingamado rusted through and boom, water everywhere.  So let this be a word of wisdom.  Even if your sump pump is in great condition and even if you have a back up sump pump, like we do,  check out all the thingamadoos on it--real specific, I know--and make sure everything little thing is in tip top shape.  Also, if you don't have sump pump insurance get it.  Thankfully we added that to our policy, free of charge, when the basement was finished.  Whew. 

It took all day Saturday for the water damage crew to finally come out.  We weren't the only ones blessed by mother nature so they were certainly busy bees that day.  They verified the carpet was trashed and quoted us an ungodly amount of $4500 to remove the carpet and fix any drywall damage.  And that price didn't include the new pad and carpet. Being the money saving lover I am, my eyes were crossing at the thought of dropping so much more money into a basement that was finished a mere 18 months ago.  Sure, a huge chunk is covered by insurance, but still...

So that wonderful husband of mind spent all Saturday night ripping up the carpet and loading it into the garage.  The day was spent moving 1300 square feet of toys, toys, and more toys into every nook and cranny of our house, sunroom, and garage.  Teagan napped, Parker was tossed in the Ergo, and we went to town moving, cleaning, and trying our best to appear on the latest season of Hoarders.  Mission accomplished on all fronts.

After much discussion over the Ergo not being just for a baby but for a big girl too, she hopped in.

Baseboard trim was pulled off and holes were drilled in the drywall behind it to air it out.   Our handy dandy moisture reading tool is showing that everything is drying up quite nicely.  The carpet guys came out to measure and we have an appointment on Saturday to pick up something new as well as get a quote for new kitchen counters.

See those kitty leopard boots? Always on her feet.

A mere fraction of the toy explosion,  We could give Toys r Us a run for their money with all our stuff.
It’s sad to see our basement in its current state.  But at the same time being back down there working together brought back good memories.  Kris and I spent endless hours working  to transform nothing into livable space and had a lot of fun in the process.  It was a great sense of accomplishment seeing our work pay off the first time around.  Now it’s just a slight set back and thankfully no memories or toys (other than a dumb book that we didn’t like anyways) were ruined.  Our insurance will cover it all and then some so a bad situation is really not that bad in the end. 

But geez, I’m hoping that this weekend will be a little bit more low key for us!

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  1. This happened to my parents. My brother's room was ruined. Dry wall had to be removed and redone. It was BAD! But, in the end the re-worked the layout of the finished part and it is much nicer now.