Monday, April 8, 2013

Master bath remodel

I've said it a million times but I'll say it again.  Kris is handy.

It started at our first apartment together in Royal Oak.  I came home one day to find a drywall dust covered dog.  Big dog mentality got the best of little Syd and she tried to dig a hole out of her room.  The words "buh-bye security deposit" flashed through my mind.  But Kris patched and painted and it was good as new. Or as good as a 100% security deposit return.  I was impressed.

Months later we purchased our first home, complete with the 90s fluorescent light in the kitchen.  The plan was to replace it with recessed lighting and Kris took a day off work to start on the project.  I came home to new bright lights.  Hmmm....I was getting suspicious.

A couple months after that we decided to make use of the 1300ish square feet of unfinished basement.  Power tools were purchased, supplies were picked up at Lowes, and we got to work.  We had the city inspect the work every step of the way and everything passed with flying colors.  I was pretty confident by this point that Kris had handyman skills. 

The next logical step was to spruce up our master bath.  So many moons ago we (and by we I mainly mean Kris) ripped out the old and brought the new into our master bath.  We started with this nonsense:

Small white tiles, gross white molding, 90s cabinets, and a plain jane shower.

Laminate and cheapo faucets added to the need for an upgrade.

At one point we painted the walls. It didn't help much.  In fact, depending on who you ask (Kris) it looked more poop stained than the rich, warm mocha I was going for.

The day I went into labor we finalized the project. Miss Teagan came into the world two days early but she made sure that we got our bathroom done first. 

Ahhhhh, how I love this bathroom.

All girls need a wood bathtub board to hold wines and trashy magazines while unwinding after a long day. 

Lowes and Home Depot knew us well during this project. Rochester Hills Glass installed our custom shower. The paint is Sherwin Williams...misty something...and it really brings out the gray tones in the tile.  We salvaged the cabinets and with some primer, paint, and new hardware they were given a much needed facelift.  Pictures are lacking but the shower floor is complete with fun little tiles. We still have to frame out the mirrors, paint the molding, and add some shelving but my dream bath is here.

What next you ask? We may or may not have taken a nice stroll through the cabinet and counter top section at Lowes yesterday.  Kitchen, you are on my radar.  


  1. That bathtub is heaven! Kris is definitely a keeper!

  2. This is amazing! He did a great job and it looks beautiful!

  3. That looks awesome! Way to go Kris!

  4. It's nice to see a timeline of sorts of how your bathroom looked from when you first started remodeling to the final reveal. Was the shower glass installation the only remodeling job that you let pros handle? If so, Kris truly is handy! Design, construction and plumbing – is there anything he can't do? Total Plumbing Inc.

  5. What Kris did here is truly amazing. Looking at how your bathroom looked before the renovation, some might have a hard time believing that the two bathrooms are one and the same. Proper skills and tools could truly come in handy. Nice job!
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