Friday, April 12, 2013


Four weeks.  Four weeks of teething.  Or rather, four weeks of projectile vomit (I’ve never jumped out of bed so fast in my life), late night wake ups ranging from 7 to 294 times per night (this is only a slight exaggeration), swaddle regret (our crutch is now a curse—girl NEEDS that thing to sleep), the worst diaper rash my eyes have ever seen, and exhaustion (need ALL the coffee). 
And poor Teagan.  This has to be taking a toll on her as well but she’s taking it like a champ.  Other than waking up a lot at night she’s still the happiest baby on the block but those sore puffy gums say otherwise. 
The blessing of the teeth did stop with Teagan.  Parker’s top two molars finally popped through last week and boy oh boy if you lived within a one mile radius of us you sure would have known it. Tantrum city in the S house it was. 
But it’s a new day.  Teagan had a six hour sleep stretch last night, Parker is in a great mood, no doubt making good all the not so good from last week, and it’s the weekend. All is well. 

And while it's weeks late and has absolutely nothing to do with this post, an Easter recap:

Parker was stoked for her bunny pancakes I made...

...but not that stoked for the actual bunny.

Teagan on the other hand was totally cool.

Off course we dyed eggs.  Every single night for an entire week.  "Easter Bunny will be so happy!" Mommy will be so happy too when all the food coloring wears off from your hands up to your armpits.

Rain foiled our outdoor Easter egg hunt plans so we hid the eggs around the basement.  We told Parker the Easter bunny came and hid eggs in the basement.  She refused to go downstairs for fear that the actual Easter bunny was still in our house.  And that my friends is how you know your child is scarred for life.

My little bunny is not impressed by the lack of Starburst jelly beans in her eggs.

Happy weekend all! We'll be bundled up--there's a chance of April...

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