Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 1/2 Years

We've hit the 2 1/2 hump and are (hopefully) crawling at a snails pace to birthday #3.  Occassionally I ask Parker if she can promise me to stay little forever.  Giggles ensue as she shrieks yes, she will stay little forever.  Oh I wish that were true! Just this morning I asked her how old she was.  "Two!" she said, then she said "no mommy, I'm 14."

Parker's personality is loud and strong.  When she's mad, she's mad and the whole world will know it.  If (actually, not if...when) she gets her mind set on something she will follow through on it.  When she's happy, she's happy and will run around giggling, singing songs at the top of her lungs, throwing kisses and hugs all around.  She has a heart of gold.  Last week as she bid Teagan farewell for the day, she asked if Teagan was going to the doctor (baby girl was super sick). I said yes, and Parker replied that she would need to go too because Teagan would be scared and "I need to hold her hand, I make it all better."

On Parker's love list at 2 1/2 is:

-Sesame Street.  Rarely does she watch TV, maybe an hour each weekend and occasionally for like ten minutes after work to calm the before dinner tantrum, but when it's on she demands SS.  Sophia the 1st gave us a teeny SS break and one Bubble Guppies episode made the cut but Parker is well over those now.  SS is good seeing as how it's educational and all, but it wouldn't hurt for Big Bird to change his voice from annoying to, well, something not annoying.

-Food.  We had a real nice 6+ month stretch of not one single veggie getting into her mouth at home (she eats them at school...ahhh, the powers of peer pressure) but now that Teagan is eating veggies Parker demands them as well.  You little stinker, I knew you liked them! We were also on a really good streak of only eating foods from the toddler food chain (Annie's mac, yogurt, chicken nuggets) but slowly she's getting back to eating homecooked meals.  Slowly too she's learning to stop eating when she's fully.  Typically we have to cut her off because she eats SO MUCH. 

-Reading books from memory (Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear are her faves), gymnastics, singing all the songs she learns at school, playing show and tell, getting manicures (Oh no, mommy! My nails are broken! aka having no nail polish on), throwing epic tantrums (if you tell me age 3 tantrums are worse than those at age 2 I'm writing you off as a dirty liar), running errands (Target is her homeland as well as mine), helping me cook and bake (or rather, ask "I have a bite??" repeatedly), and giving Teagan toys to play with.

Parker's a whiz on the Kindle.  I make sure the games are educational by trial and error.  An error was a telly tubby looking guy and the sole point was poking his belly to make him laugh...yeah, that was deleted off real fast.  But the puzzles, matching, color and shape recognition apps are incredible.

She obsessed with her "brown blankie" and it goes where she goes.  She says funny things like "otherwise" and when you pour her a drink it must be "big milk/water/etc" meaning you have to pour it to the top. She screams bloody freaking murder every single time I do her hair.

Who? Me?
 No matter rain or shine she wants to wear her kitty rain boots. Still a daredevil, she likes to go down the slide on her belly, head first.  We're in the process of breaking her of this habit...Getting fancy for tea parties is  must. 

2 1/2 looks good on you, baby! Love you forever!


  1. So Cute !
    I am going to do an update of Misi too .
    In Ireland we can get sesame street dvd-s too , but he has not Bob the builder and Thomas , so we will wait with it a little .
    It is so nice to read something about Parker too .:)

    1. I want to hear all about Mr. Misi :) I'm sure he would love Sesame Street!

  2. She is so pretty.

    I really do wish they could stay little forever!

    1. Awww, thanks girl :) If you figure out a way to keep them tiny let me know haha.

  3. She is too cute! I think either she and Makenna would be BFF or their identical personalities would completely clash. Lol. I love reading your blog. You have a great way with words! And of course you have two beautiful daughters. :)