Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring, where are you??

Hi pretty shiny thing!

After a misdiagnosis by the computer repair shop resulting in a $300+ fix the logical decision was to part ways with the old and bring in the new.  I’ll be up and running again in no time! (ps, doesn’t that look like a beer to the left? I wish.  Unfortunately it’s ginger ale.  Sleeping from 930pm Monday to 5pm Tuesday didn’t seem to cure my sickness…)

If everyone says healthy in our house I’ll have some more free time.  Baby Teagan spent the better part of her weekend + Monday puking. 

Mere minutes after puking all over the both of us.  In true Teagan fashion she's still happy as a clam. 

A trip to the doctor late Monday afternoon and she was basically given a clean bill of health with only teething to blame. 

Here's what I think of a 450pm appointment with no doc in sight at 540pm.

Apparently teething produces mucus and breast milk has a mucus producing agent in it.  When you combine the two it causes an uneasy stomach.  Has anyone else experienced this? Parker has only threw up three times in 2 ½ years so this is brand new to me. 

Puking is fun, didn't you know!

Even though it was Pukefest 2013 Teagan was in great spirits and I had a nice day cuddling with the babes when I typically would be in the office.  Bubble Guppies, homemade hummus, arts and crafts…I’d say we made the most of our hooky day. 

Don't mind me.  I'm unshowered and likely smell of vomit.  The babies, however, make up for my lack of cuteness.
Bottles (filled with water) up.

Parker enjoys singing all day every day. Teagan enjoys pinching her.

Here's to Photoshop up and running again and spring right around the corner.  It has to happen, right? RIGHT?? Positive thinking works wonders.

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